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Office of Business Affairs
Frequently Asked Questions

Providing resources to facilitate proper and timely reporting of equipment transactions and safeguard against loss.

Our campus cannot function without equipment, such as copiers, microscopes, and computers. To assist the campus with overseeing its property, the college has designated equipment coordinators within each department.

Although equipment coordinators are charged with performing the inventory of such items and other assets, we all have a responsibility to communicate changes about campus property. This list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) has been developed as a guide for various scenarios. Questions may also be brought to the Property Control Coordinator or the Office of Business Affairs, and we look forward to working with you.

Questions and Answers

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I have items I wish to keep, but I want you to store them for me. Can you do this?

No. We have no storage space available, and anything we store would be available for any department on campus. Any items that you wish to keep should be stored within your departmental space.

My computer was stolen. What should I do?

If this happened on campus, call University Police. They will send an investigator to confer with you and take a report. The officer will need to know the make, model, and serial number of the computer as well as the particulars of the incident. If the loss occurred while off-campus, contact the local police and obtain a copy of the police report for University Police.

As in the previous question, my computer is missing. Was it covered by insurance?

The State of New York is self-insured. That means that any replacement would come out of your departmental funds. Insurance is available, at low cost, for equipment purchased as part of grants administered by the Research Foundation. Refer any questions to insurability of RF equipment to the Research Office.

May I give surplus items to another department?

Sure. Providing the other department wants those items. Fill out the Equipment Transfer Form on the Property Control website, including appropriate signatures, and send it to the Property Control office at 101 Bray Hall.

A professor came to ESF with several items. Now the professor wants to get rid of them. How do I handle that?

We are a state agency, and as such can operate, transfer, and dispose of only State-owned equipment. If the professor was given these items or bought it themselves and were not given to the department. These items are the personal property of this professor, and we cannot dispose of them.

Department Chairs should be cognizant of the need to address the disposition of personal property at the time that employee retires or voluntarily separates from employment.

Our department received equipment as a gift. Do I have to inform Property Control?

Yes. You also should contact the ESF College Foundation in the Development Office as they administer and accept any gifts to a department or the College. Property Control will tag the equipment based on the fair market value.

I have equipment listed on the inventory that I know is no longer here in the department. Since I do not want this to keep showing up on the inventory, what do I do?

Write us a memo including specific information regarding the asset(s) and explain what you know or have found out that gives us a reason to retire the asset.

Note: The word "gone" on an asset printout is insufficient; it does not give any explanation. The Department Chair’s signature on this response makes it official and allows Property Control to act on the information.

I am planning to buy new equipment, and I would like to trade in my old equipment. Can I do this?

Wonderful! Not only are you saving money on your new purchase, but also getting additional value out of your old equipment. Be sure to clearly describe your trade-in item on your requisition so that Purchasing is aware and can include this information on the purchase order.

When I review your inventory sheets for my department, I am finding bar-coded items present in the department that are not listed on the sheets. What is happening?

At this time, we started placing bar-coded asset tags on equipment, the cost threshold for adding assets to the Property Control System was lower. When the minimum value was raised to $5,000, any asset with a lower value was purged from the inventory system. We have not considered it cost-effective to locate each bar-coded tag with a value under $5,000 and replace the bar code.

My chair is broken, and I just received a new one. Can I put it out in the hallway so somebody can take is away?

No. It is a violation of the NYS Fire Code to put items in the hallway. This action could also subject the department to citations and fines by the NYS Office of Fire Prevention and Control. It does not show proper departmental responsibility for their furniture and equipment. The best answer is to leave it within a room in the department and send an email to the Property Control office to have it removed.

I just saw equipment on the loading dock with a note saying “trash”. Can I take them home?

No. They are still State Property. Please contact the Property Control Office. They will handle the removal of this equipment properly. Building tenants should never take it upon themselves to move unwanted equipment to loading docks or trash rooms without specific authorization. Equipment that turns up “missing” because of such action will be subject to investigation by University Police.

I have old items in our storage which I no longer use? I know of a church group that could use them. Can I donate them?

Send all donations requests to the Property Control office via email with the following information:

  • What items are to be donated?
  • Where are the items going?
  • Are the items no longer usable or needed by anyone on the campus?
  • Are any ESF employees affiliated with this organization?

All requests will be submitted to SUNY System Administration for further approval.

How do I get something for my department that might be available in storage? Can I go look and see what you have?

Yes. Call and arrange an appointment at 315-470-6898.

I just received a new laptop, and I am planning to use it for remote work. Do I need to do anything?

Yes. Please make sure there an inventory tag on the laptop before you remove it from campus and notify your department, so they know where the equipment is located.

When I leave the College, can I take the equipment assigned to me with me?

No. Please return all equipment to the department.