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Office of Business Affairs

e s f oakmart

ESF is excited to announce the launch of OakMart, our new online requisitioning tool.

OakMart will allow users to shop for products and services from preferred suppliers. The easy-to-use digital workflow enables paperless purchase requisitions, purchase orders, receiving, and payment vouchers to improve efficiency and access across the campus. With OakMart, ESF will acquire cost savings, increased productivity, expedited transactions, and a standardized-buying environment. And the reduced paperwork will help us be a little greener, keeping us in line with our College Sustainability goals.

Training Opportunities

There will be many options for training, including Zoom sessions, training documents, and in-person training.

Options will be communicated via email and will be posted on the ESF Purchasing Page.

OakMart Communications

Download OakMart Q & A 

OakMart Q & A

How do I access OakMart?

Employees can access OakMart through a link located on the ESF office of Business Affairs / Purchasing Web Page, which will be provided when the tool goes live.

Hint: Bookmark this page.

What is my login for OakMart?

Employees access OakMart using their SUNY portal credentials through authentication.

When is ESF rolling out OakMart?

ESF is the third and final phase of SUNY schools' implementation. The plan is for the College to roll out individual departments over a three- to five-month period (November 2022 to March 2023). Research Foundation will roll out after the second quarter of 2023.

Who is on OakMart Test team?

The test team consists of staff from various departments. Some were chosen based on state spend and others volunteered to be in the test phase.

When will my office/department implement Oakmart?

The Office of Business Affairs will contact you directly with a timeline. Please stand by.

Who is the main point of contact for the OakMart?

Lisa Campagna in the Office of Business Affairs is the main point of contact and can be reached at x6687 or

Will OakMart create efficiencies for the campus community?

We'll increase efficiency by reducing manual communication and reliance on paper while utilizing staff for more strategic activities. It will also enable better compliance by tracking the spending to contracts, use of approved sourcing, and adherence to procurement law and policies

Other benefits include:

  • Savings with lower pricing

  • Ability to leverage combined spending

  • Increased vendor relationships

Will all purchases be online with OakMart?

Not at first. OakMart does have a contracts module, but it is not widely used by SUNYs yet. Service contracts—including construction, consulting, and independent contractors—will not be in OakMart until a later date. The initial focus for OakMart E-procurement is for commodities.

Will travel and personal reimbursements be on OakMart?

No. Personal reimbursements, including travel, will still be done in the SUNY FMS system.

Will there be training on OakMart?

Yes. There will be many options for training, including Zoom sessions, training documents, and in-person training. Options will be communicated via email and will be posted on the ESF Purchasing Page.

Do you expect a smooth transition?

The Office of Business Affairs is working diligently with SUNY Central to ensure minimal disruption during the transition. We participate in several calls a week with OakMart and SUNY. As with any system implementation, we do expect some glitches. We have a hard-working team in the Office of Business Affairs and experienced resources to help us through the transition. We appreciate the patience of the College community!