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Work With Us

The CCLP welcomes requests for assistance from municipalities, State and Federal Agencies, not-for-profit organizations, and private property owners. Through the resulting service learning projects, students are provided with opportunities to apply their education to actual cultural landscape preservation projects, while allowing the CCLP to advance the protection and enhancement of historically significant landscapes.

If you are interested in working with the CCLP, please fill out the CCLP Interest Form at right to provide us with contact information and an overview of your need for assistance. Based on this, we will direct you to two types of assistance, Limited Technical Assistance and Research and Design Assistance. (Please note that at this time, the CCLP has limited resources to support assistance)

Limited Technical Assistance

Scope and duration: The CCLP faculty, staff, and students may offer owners or stewards of historic landscapes assistance on addressing technical preservation issues. The assistance is offered for specific issues, such as replacement species for historic plant material or review of proposed improvement plans, and not for generating new research, planning, or design.

Cost: For nominal technical assistance requests requiring less than one day of time, there will be no charge. More advanced requests may involve costs, especially if a site visit is required. Such costs will be determined based on the specific requests.

Applying: Under construction.

Research and Design Assistance

Scope: The CCLP may work with a variety of project sponsors, from individual property owners, nonprofit organizations, municipal governments, federal and state agencies. In addition to short term technical preservation assistance, the CCLP will consider projects that involve cultural landscape documentation (inventory and mapping), analysis and evaluation (applying the National Register criteria), and/or treatment (conceptual-level planning and design according to the Secretary of the Interior Standards). For most projects, it is recommended that historical research and documentation be completed by the project sponsors prior to seeking assistance from the CCLP. The CCLP does not provide advanced design work or construction documentation.

Timing: Requests for technical assistance will be answered as soon as possible, pending other CCLP work. Requests generally need to be processes at least one semester prior to start of work.

Applying: If you are interested in working with students or faculty in the Department of Landscape Architecture, please read Working with the DLA and fill out a Design Assistance Request form. Completed forms may be returned via email or sent to the address below.

Department of Landscape Architecture
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Attn: Maren King

One Forestry Drive
Syracuse, NY 13210-2787

Phone: 315.470.6544
Fax: 315.470.6540

Contact Us

For any questions regarding the assistance process, please email:

John E. Auwaerter

Instructor, Department of Landscape Architecture
Co-Director for the Center of Cultural Landscape Preservation

Phone: (315) 470-6788 or (315) 706-6226


George W. Curry

Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus
Co-Director for the Center for Cultural Lanscape Preservation

Phone: (315) 470-6552/470-6544