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Environmental Chemistry Bachelor of Science

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Environmental chemistry stresses applications of fundamental chemical principles to describe and predict behavior of chemicals in the environment. After obtaining a strong foundation in analytical, physical and organic chemistry, students pursue advanced study in air and water chemistry:

A range of specialty courses are taught by our faculty and are offered at regular intervals: Urban Health, Oceanography, Aquatic Organic Chemistry, Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry, Advanced Environmental Analysis. A wide variety of courses in ecology, engineering, geology, and environmental policy are also available.

This program provides particularly good training for students aiming for professional degrees or careers in forensics or any aspect of environmental science.

  • FCH 510 Environmental Chemistry I - Aquatic Chemistry
  • FCH 511 Environmental Chemistry II - Atmospheric Chemistry
  • FCH 515 Methods of Environmental Chemical Analysis

Professional Elective provide students exposure to enviormental topics in health, engineering, biology and sustainability. The senior year culminates in a senior research project undertaken under the supervision of one of the chemistry faculty. This give students the opportunity to experience research ranging from laboratory work to field-intensive studies.

Professor Huiting Mao's field work team in Nanjing

Professor Huiting Mao's field work team in Nanjing

Research encompasses fieldwork, laboratory studies, and modeling, and focuses on the atmosphere as well as marine and freshwater systems. Studies are carried out on scales ranging from local to regional to global. Topics include behavior of nutrients in water, food webs, toxic algal blooms, reactive and persistent organic pollutants in air and water, mercury chemistry, and global climate change.

Participating Faculty

  • Gregory L. Boyer; glboyer@esf.edu
    biochemistry and environmental chemistry, plant and algal biochemistry, chemical ecology and toxins produced by algae. environmental monitoring, including Buoy and ship-based monitoring systems for water quality
  • Theodore S. Dibble; tsdibble@esf.edu
    Redox chemistry of mercury in the environment and in power plants. Chemistry of air pollution, electron beams and combustion.
  • Kelley J. Donaghy; kdonaghy@esf.edu
    inorganic chemistry, solid state materials and chemical education
  • Jose L. Giner; jlginer@syr.edu
    organic and natural products chemistry, sterol synthesis, natural products
  • John P. Hassett; jphasset@esf.edu
  • David J. Kieber; djkieber@esf.edu
    environmental chemistry, aquatic organic chemistry, aquatic photochemistry, chemical oceanography, atmospheric chemistry, marine microbial ecology, polar research
  • Gyu Leem; gyleem@esf.edu
    Environmental and polymer chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, materials science, surface chemistry, light harvesting polymers, photocatalytic and/or magnetic composite materials, solar energy conversion, water remediation
  • Huiting Mao; hmao@esf.edu
    environmental chemistry, atmospheric chemistry, air quality, regional to global budgets of trace gases, long range transport, continental export, climate change
  • Jaime Mirowsky; jmirowsk@esf.edu
    environmental health, exposure assessment, air pollution, cardiopulmonary health, in vitro models, environmental noise, epidemiology, public health
  • Arthur J. Stipanovic; astipano@esf.edu
    polymer chemistry, biopolymers, biodegradable polymers, characterization, rheology
  • Mark A. Teece; mteece@esf.edu
    environmental chemistry, food web biochemistry, stable isotope biogeochemistry, coral, stable isotopes, metabolomics, biogeochemistry
  • Francis X. Webster; fwebster@esf.edu
    pheremone chemistry, chemical ecology, organic chemistry
New Faculty
  • Nicholas C. Pflug, Assistant Professor
  • Environmental Chemistry, Aquatic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Photochemistry, Natural Products, Reaction Mechanisms, Structure Elucidation
  • Leanne C. Powers, Assistant Professor
  • Environmental Photochemistry, Marine Chemistry, Reactive Oxygen Species, Aquatic Biogeochemistry, Ocean Optics

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