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Department of Chemistry
Biochemistry Databases and Information Sources


Source Description
National Center for Biomedical Information Links to Medline, Endtrez, BLAST and much more.
PubMed PubMed provides a keyword search engine for the biomedical literature. Abstracts are often available.
Active Search and Display of Protein Database Structures The first link takes you to the Protein Database search engine and the second is an NIH tool to help you decipher the PDB.
Directory of Network Services from EMBL The european Molecular Biology Lab (EMBL) has its home offices in Heidelberg, Germany. Here is the link to its computational services.
Biochemical Compounds Declarative Database Klotho is oart of our attempt to model biological processes, beginning with biochemistry.
ExPASy Molecular Biology Server This is the ExPASy molecular biology WWW server of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB). This server is dedicated to the analysis of protein sequences and structures as well as 2-D PAGE.
Principles of Protein Structure Internet Course on protein structure offered by Birkbeck College, U. London. You can follow this on-line course in protein structure for free but it costs real $$ (actually ££ ) to receive credit.
Regional Laser and Biotechnology Laboratory NIH supported Research Resource at U. Penn., interests are Dynamics of photoactivatable Proteins, Protein Folding and Conformational Dynamics, Nanoscale Structures, Fluorescence Monitoring of Biological Dynamics.
SCOP: Structural Classification of Proteins Provides a broad survey of all known protein folds, detailed information about the close relatives of any particular protein, and a framework for future research and classification.
Antibody Resource Page An excellent resource for information about antibodies, links to sources, journals, online courses, etc.
American Type Culture Collection Provides biological products, technical services, and educational programs to private industry, government, and academic organizations around the world.
Science Week A weekly Email Digest of Scientific News devoted to the improvement of communication between the scientific disciplines, and between scientists, science educators, and science policy-makers.