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Department of Chemistry
Chemistry and Biochemistry Community Links

We are continuously developing our links, trying to make the best information related to our disciplines easily available to our community and others who stop by.  Some links have restricted access and we try to point this out in advance.

Source Description
American Chemical Society "The Place to Find Anything in Chemistry"
Chem Center's new and improved search engine now allows you to search all four ACS Websites at once so you can find the chemistry information you need from just one source.
Biochemistry Links Biochemistry Databases and Information Sources
Diffraction Links to sites providing information on the theory and experimental practice of electron, neutron, and x-ray diffraction and scattering software, journals, associations, etc.
Employment Opportunities Both employment opportunities at SUNY-ESF and elsewhere may be found here.
Environmental Chemistry Environmental Chemistry Databases and Information Sources
Fun Things Wacky patents, Realbeer, and other less than PC pages.
Journals Links to on-line and hard copy journal pages in the chemical sciences.
Molecular Modeling Computational Chemistry Databases and Information Sources