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Cranberry Lake Biological Station

About the Program

Began in 2023, this program seeks to engage a broader group of individuals in the ecological research conducted at CLBS. Collaborations between artists and scientists are increasing the quality of public engagement and the accessibility of the research being conducted. The cross-pollination of thoughts and ideas that comes from the incorporation of different academic and personal backgrounds can often lead to synergistic outcomes. This can lead to better research, more informed artistic representations, and increased community engagement.

The faculty and staff at CLBS are excited to provide scientific guidance and education to the interns. Interns will work with a faculty mentor who will help to advise and guide the intern throughout the summer, both in person and remotely. Interns will also have the opportunity to engage in a variety of courses offered at the station to inform their projects and to generally increase their knowledge of the area’s flora and fauna. Since the Fellowship is geared toward providing illustrators with a deeper scientific understanding, a strong illustration background is desired prior to the Fellowship.

The Fellowship

Eligibility: The fellowship is open to all individuals over 18.

Dates: Up to 12 weeks (up to 8 weeks in residence and 4 weeks remote) with a flexible start date in late May/early June

Expectations: It is expected that the intern will work with faculty to develop various illustrations for of our long-term monitoring projects:

  • Line drawings of maps of the Biological Station with locations of long-term monitoring projects.
  • Creation of illustrations demonstrating sampling design and highlighting key species for identification.
  • Design of handbooks for monitoring projects.
    • Intern will not be responsible for generating text for the manuals.

Compensation: This Fellowship will cover the cost of room and board for the duration of your stay (the equivalent of $3,800) and $315/week honorarium during residency (up to 8 weeks), a $250/week honorarium for up to 4 weeks for remote work to finish the project, and up to $500 for a travel allowance.

Applications will be accepted from November 15, 2023 to February 1, 2024