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Policies and Procedures
Request for Assembly Policy


Groups are occasionally interested in picketing, demonstrating, or otherwise assembling on SUNY-ESF (hereinafter referred to as “ESF”) property.  In order to ensure compliance with SUNY Board of Trustees policies and to provide campus guidelines for such assembly, the following procedure has been established.  This procedure applies to all students, faculty, staff or authorized visitors who are interested in assembling on ESF property solely for the purpose of expressing their views.

  • Those involved in picketing and demonstrations may not engage in specific behavior or activities in violation of the provisions of the Rules of the SUNY Board of Trustees, which outline prohibited conduct [Reference: 8 NYCRR 535.3].  
  • A minimum of seven (7) days’ advance notice of any rally, assembly, picketing, demon­stration or other gathering (hereinafter referred to as “assembly”) to be held on ESF property shall be given to the President or his designee.
  • Notice shall be in the form prescribed by ESF (see attached) and shall include the name, officer(s) and contact person(s) of any group(s) participating in the assembly and the purpose, proposed date(s) and time(s) and desired location(s) of the assembly.
  • While efforts will be made to accommodate reasonable requests for the location of the assembly, ESF reserves the right to determine where such assembly can occur.  The College’s main priorities will be to ensure both safe access to its walkways, roadways, buildings and grounds by its employees and students and the peaceful conduct of classes, lectures, meetings and other activities.  Following receipt of the Request for Assembly form, ESF will notify each group regarding the designation of the area(s) to which the assembly must be limited.
  • Use of noisemakers or sound devices such as megaphones, loud speakers or amplifiers is prohibited.
  • When the above conditions are met, peaceful picketing and other orderly demonstra­tions in public areas designated by ESF will not be interfered with.