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Policies and Procedures
College Sustainable Cleaning Products Purchasing Policy


The State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY ESF) recognizes its role as a leader in the community with regard to environmental issues and demonstrates its intention to ensure responsible stewardship of the environmental resources under its influence through this green purchasing policy.

The Objective of this Policy is to promote the use of environmentally preferred cleaning products on ESF Campus, to protect the health of the College Community and the environment without sacrificing product effectiveness.

The goal of using environmentally sensitive cleaning and maintenance products is to reduce, as much as possible, exposure to students and staff to potentially harmful substances and chemicals used in the maintenance and cleaning of Campus Facilities. This goal also provides the requirement that the products work effectively and comparably to products currently used.


SUNY ESF shall purchase cleaning materials/products, disposable janitorial paper products and trash bags that comply with the below criteria:

  • Cleaning products shall meet Green Seal GS-37 standards, if applicable, or if GS-37 is not applicable, products should comply with the California Code of Regulations maximum allowable Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) levels
  • Disposable janitorial paper products and trash bags shall meet the minimum requirements of U.S. EPA’s Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines


Green Seal™ Environmental Standard for Industrial and Institutional Cleaners - GS-37

The Green Seal Environmental Standard for Industrial and Institutional Cleaners GS-37, establishes 
environmental requirements for industrial and institutional general-purpose, restroom, glass, and carpet cleaners. For purposes of this standard, industrial and institutional cleaners are defined as those cleaners intended for routine cleaning of offices, institutions, warehouses, and industrial facilities.

Green Seal Certification

California Code of Regulations:

Pursuant to section 41712 of the Health and Safety Code, the California Air Resources Board (ARB) has adopted maximum allowable VOC levels that apply to many consumer and institutional cleaning and maintenance products. To be sold in California, cleaning and maintenance products must comply with applicable percent VOC by weight standards listed in the Table of Standards in section 94509(a) of Title 17, California Code of Regulations, Division 3, Chapter 1, Subchapter 8.5, Article 2, Consumer Products, sections 94507-94517

ARB's Website

U.S. EPA’s Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines:

The Comprehensive Procurement Guideline (CPG) program is part of EPA's continuing effort to promote the use of materials recovered from solid waste. Buying recycled-content products ensures that the materials collected in recycling programs will be used again in the manufacture of new products.

EPA website

Accepted on behalf of the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry.

Department ID#: ADM.022

Issue Date: 0/22/2010