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Policies and Procedures
Request for Assembly Form

Request for Assembly

SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

(ESF Policies and Procedures ID#:  ADM.002)



Name of Organization:

Names of Officers:


Contact Person:


Address (if different from above):



Proposed Assembly Date(s):

Proposed Assembly Time(s):

Start:                                                End:

Number of Participants:

Requested Location(s)*:



*While efforts will be made to accommodate reasonable requests, ESF’s main priorities will be to ensure both safe access to its walkways, roadways, buildings and grounds by its employees and stu­dents and the peaceful conduct of classes, lectures, meetings and other activities.



Use of noisemakers or sound devices such as megaphones, loud speakers or amplifiers is prohibited.


Proof of all necessary authorizations from state and local authorities must be presented to the Col­lege on the day before the assembly is scheduled.


This request will be reviewed and the contact person notified at the above phone number and/or address within five (5) days of receipt of the request of any terms applicable to such assembly, including designation of area(s) to which the assembly must be limited.  Questions to the campus should be directed to the Vice President for Administration, 208 Bray Hall, (315) 470-6622.


– Do not write below this line –

Designated Assembly Area(s):        


Other Limitations:


Approved by: 


President or designee

cc:          News & Publications, Physical Plant, Registrar, Student Life, University Police