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Policies and Procedures
Campus Posting Policy

SUNY ESF maintains several spaces where campus members can share information about upcoming events and activities which may be of interest to the college community.  This policy will assist the College in maintaining a safe, comfortable physical environment that is non-threatening and conducive to learning while also promoting a positive image of the College.  We have developed the following posting standards to ensure that theses spaces are utilized appropriately.  Postings not in compliance will be removed without notification.  


  • Postings should include the sponsor of an activity or event, and should responsibly promote the activity in good taste.
  • Postings should not promote or condone behavior that violates College policies or local, state or federal law; including any expressions that may be deemed to be hostile, or that are political campaign activities.

Placement of Postings

  • There are several special use bulletin boards around campus.  They are to be used only by those designated on that board.  These include, but are not limited to, academic departments, recognized student organizations, and employee unions.
  • The use of department, office, or organization bulletin boards or surrounding area is in the purview of the Department Chair, Unit Head, or Organization Head, etc.
  • Displays within building interiors such as hallways, corridors, stairwells, elevators, etc. must be confined to bulletin boards or similar areas provided for that purpose.  Materials should not be posted on doors, windows or walls other than an individual employee’s door and/or work station.  The exception to this standard is notices dealing with college designated emergencies or State required asbestos abatement postings.
  •  Displays or materials should be posted with non-damaging adhesives and appropriate devices, such as:
    • Materials should be posted on bulletin boards using tacks.
    • Materials should not be posted with masking tape, paste, glue, nails, heavy gauge staples or other metal fasteners.
    • Adhesive putty is recommended for multiple surfaces and may be purchased at various outlets such as  Staples, OfficeMax, etc.