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Policies and Procedures
Occasional Use of Campus Facilities - Non-Commercial


In accordance with SUNY Policy #5603, Use of Facilities by Non-Commercial Organizations, it is the policy of SUNY and, therefore, the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry to allow the occasional use of ESF facilities by non-commercial organizations in the following circumstances:

  • The purpose of such use is consistent with or in furtherance of the College’s mission and does not conflict with the normal operation of the campus.
  • The campus is not to be a competitor to private business facilities of similar capacity.
  • Campus support systems, such as telephone, duplicating/printing, mail, etc., may be provided, when specifically authorized by the president or designee, provided the campus is reimbursed for such use.
  • If an admission fee is charged by the non-commercial organization whose purpose is to provide charitable or public benefit services, the organization shall make it known in all publicity that the proceeds are for the benefit of the organization and not the College.

Because recordkeeping is required by SUNY for all such use, a written request is required.  Each request shall be directed to the office of the Vice President for Administration and include:

  • Name of non-commercial organization
  • College facilities to be provided
  • Dates and times of use requested
  • Nature of use, anticipated number of participants, and other pertinent information

Approved users of campus facilities shall compensate the College for such use in accordance with charges determined by the College.

In addition, a revocable permit and certificate of insurance may be required.  This will include the above information and require signatures of the head of the organization and the president of the college (or designee).  The revocable permit form, and other information regarding this procedure, is available from the office of the Vice President for Administration.

Please note that this policy applies to all campus facilities, including the quad and the various field stations.

Organizations of the following nature shall not be governed by the terms of this policy:

  • Recognized student government organizations that are exclusive to ESF students
  • ESF and Ranger School alumni organizations
  • ESF College Foundation and Syracuse Pulp and Paper Foundation
  • Intercampus organizations composed primarily of University employees

Note further that, in compliance with SUNY Policy #5605, Use of University Facilities by Commercial Enterprises, it is the policy of SUNY and, therefore, the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry that no authorization will be given to private commercial enterprises to operate on University campuses or in facilities furnished by the University other than to provide for services necessary to the College such as food service, vending, etc.