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Policies and Procedures
ESF Extra Service and Dual Employment

Extra Service

Extra Service is work performed by UUP or M/C professionals who are on a State or SUNY Research Foundation payroll other than the one to which the employee is regularly assigned. Extra Service work is substantially different from, or in addition to, their regularly assigned duties and responsibilities. Extra service work must, in combination with the employee's regular assignment and any other dual appointment or extra service assignments, exceed full-time (100%) service. The additional service is performed entirely outside the employee's normal workday/shift and must not interfere with the employee’s regular obligation. A request will not be considered if a performance plan is not up to date (non-faculty only). Faculty must include their workload assignment percentages (Research, Teaching, Service) to be considered for extra service.

Compensation for extra service may not exceed an amount equal to 20% of basic annual salary in any academic or calendar year beginning July 1 or September 1, as appropriate. For example, a professional staff member earning a salary of $40,000 may not be paid more than $8,000 for extra service during the course of his or her annual professional obligation. Summer employment outside the period of an academic year obligation does not constitute extra service. Compensation for such summer employment is covered by the university policy on summer session appointment and compensation rates.

Work cannot be performed in advance of signed approval forms.

Rules and regulations surrounding extra service compensation within SUNY are grounded in several State documents and publications including the UUP Agreement, the SUNY Policies of the Board of Trustees, and SUNY Policy.


  • Prior to commencement of the extra service assignment, the employee must secure written approval from their supervisor, Provost/Executive Officer, and the President via the Approval Request for: Extra Service/Also Receives/Summer Session
    • Employees are required to submit a performance program or course load obligation with the Extra Service/Also Receives/Summer Session request form.
  • Extra Service compensation must not be used in lieu of overtime for employees deemed eligible (non-exempt) under the Fair Labor Standards Act. (Note: overtime is a continuation of an employee’s normal job responsibilities.)

Extra Service Process

  1. Department Head/Supervisor reviews request to perform extra service and ensures no conflict of interest is present and that the extra service payment is within approved guidelines (see above).
  2. Department Head/Supervisor initiates an Approval Request for: Extra Service/Also Receives/Summer Session noting the specifics of the extra service work, dates of the extra service, a brief description of the activities (i.e., teaching specific a class); specific day(s) of the week and times of day that the extra service activities will be performed, and a statement of why this will not interfere with the employee's full-time obligation. Supervisor must meet with Human Resources to review request based on current performance program/workload percentages and rate of pay. Approval Request for: Extra Service/Also Receives/Summer Session must be routed and approved by the Provost/Executive Officer, and President before commencement of the extra service assignment.
  3. If an employee performing extra service for your department has a primary obligation in another department on campus, please forward the Approval Request for: Extra Service/Also Receives/Summer Session to the employee's primary supervisor for approval after reviewing with Human Resources.

Route for approvals, should be department chair/head, Human Resources, Provost/executive officer,
and finally the President.

Extra Service at another SUNY

  1. Employee that will be performing extra service completes Part 1 of the UP-8 (or UP-6 for M/C). (MS Word version of UP-8 and UP-6 form) (Link to SUNY HR Forms)
    and submits to Department Head/Supervisor for review.
  2. Department Head/Supervisor reviews the form, ensures no conflict of interest is present, and
    that the extra service payment is within approved guidelines.
  3. The Provost/Executive Officer is authorized to approve the UP-8 and UP-6.
  4. If the extra service is for an M/C employee (UP-6), approval is also required by SUNY System
    Administration PRIOR to processing the payment. SUNY System Administration will send a copy
    of the UP-6 to the Office of the State Comptroller.
  5. The UP-8 or UP-6 is sent to the 'extra service' employing agency by Human Resource
    Management and a copy is sent to the employee.

Dual Employment

(part-time employees OR non-SUNY State Agencies)

Dual Employment occurs when an employee works part-time at two or more State agencies and the combined service in all positions and agencies does not exceed full-time (100%) service. Prior approval must be obtained, through the completion of a dual employment form (AC 1588), from the agency head where the employee is regularly employed before s/he can commence working for, or be paid by, an additional State payroll agency.

Department Head/Supervisor should attempt to determine the current State employment status of individuals before they recommend them for appointment to ensure appropriate approvals are obtained prior to effecting the appointments of individuals already being paid on State payrolls.

To appoint an individual on a part-time basis who is employed on a part-time basis at another State agency, please advise the person to complete a dual employment form to obtain their agency head approval. The form should be forwarded to the office of Human Resources will review the dual employment form and then submit it to the Office of the State Comptroller.

If a part-time ESF State employee anticipates working part-time at another State agency, s/he will need to complete a dual employment form and submit it to their Department Head/Supervisor. The Department Head/Supervisor will review the form, ensuring it will not interfere with the employee's regular duties, and prepare a Current Employee Change Form and route both forms for approval. For part-time faculty, the Dean is authorized to approve the dual employment form and is the final approver on the Current Employee Change Form.

flowchart showing approval process for current employee change form

Supervisor "Extra Service" Items to Consider:

  • Was this opening promoted widely so others equitably have this opportunity?
  • Work cannot be performed by anyone with the capacity at the College not requiring extra pay.
  • This role is outside the normal functions or scheduling of their job (performance plan cannot be adapted to Incorporate for staff or can't fall within the faculty service % for workload requirements).
  • This role is deemed a critical immediate function by the supervisor and/or President.
  • Narrative statement with justification and of work to be performed is included.