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Policies and Procedures
Records Management Policy

Campus Record Management Policy

All SUNY ESF Records will be managed, retained and disposed of in accordance with the SUNY Records Management Policy, and Retention and Disposition Schedules.  Each Office/Department will manage and store their records according to the new retention schedules. The new Retention and Disposition Schedule is Effective as of February 22, 2010.

The New SUNY schedules are meant to compliment the more general NY State records retention schedules. If the SUNY schedule does not cover a specific class of records then the NY State records retention schedules should be observed and followed.

If there is a conflict between the two schedules, the SUNY retention schedule takes priority over the general NY State schedule.  If a record is not covered by either schedule, then the Campus Records Management Officer will consult the NYS Archives for guidance.

Most paper records can and should be converted to digital formats for retention purposes and then destroyed.  Exceptions to this are noted in the retention schedules.

Offices/Departments wishing to establish retention schedules with shorter retention periods must seek approval of the State Archives through the SUNY Records Management Officer, following campus approval by a member of Executive Cabinet and the Campus Records Management Officer.

Offices/Departments wishing to establish retention schedules with longer retention periods must obtain approval from a member of Executive Cabinet, and the ESF Records Management Officer.  

Unit Heads are responsible for records management compliance and should annually review existing practices to assure compliance with the current retention schedules.  

Each Office/Department should maintain an inventory the records it maintains, the format of those records, and the disposition of records as they are destroyed or otherwise disposed of.

Each Office/Department should report record inventories and disposition lists to the ESF Records Management Officer (RMO) annually, by August 1 of each year. Forms for reporting the inventory of records held, and for reporting destruction of records are attached below.

The ESF RMO shall report this information on behalf of the College to the SUNY RMO annually, by September 1 of each year.

All questions regarding the archival nature of records, and areas lacking clarity in the schedules be directed to the ESF RMO. Currently, the ESF Records Management Officer is Stephen Weiter, Director, College Libraries.  He can be reached at or 315-470-6715.