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Policies and Procedures
Purchase of Energy Star-Rated Products Policy


As a signatory to the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment, ESF has established a policy to acquire only those products that have met the Energy Star specifica¬≠tions for energy efficiency and earned the Energy Star rating, when such a rating is available.  When eligible products are to be purchased, the purchase specification must include the requirement that the product has earned the rating.  In general, no products eligible for the Energy Star rating may be acquired by ESF, through purchase or gift, unless they have earned the rating.  This applies to all purchase requisitions/orders as well as purchases made with a College procurement card. 

Exceptions to this policy, in cases of claims of cost inefficiency, inappropriateness to the intended use, or health and safety issues, may be considered upon application with justification to the Vice President for Administration prior to purchase.

Nothing in this policy is intended to contradict or limit the effect of existing New York State purchasing guidelines.  All policies and procedures ensuring free and open competition among vendors capable of supplying Energy Star rated products must be observed.