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Policies and Procedures
Smoking Policy

In 2003 the New York State Legislature imposed restrictions on smoking in public
places and places of employment in the State of New York. To comply with the law,
the College has adopted the following smoking policy.

According to reports issued by the Surgeon General, smoking presents risks of certain
cancers, coronary artery disease, emphysema, gastric ulcers, stroke, and fetal injury.
In general, smokers die from a variety of ailments at a rate twice as high as nonsmokers. Studies have also indicated that exposure to secondhand smoke is a
significant risk to non-smokers. In recognition of creating a healthy, comfortable and
productive environment for all students, faculty, staff and visitors, as well as
complying with applicable law, the College has adopted the following policy that
restricts the right to smoke on its premises:

Smoking is prohibited in all College-operated buildings and in all vehicles
owned and operated by the College. Doorways and loading docks are
considered part of a building.

Smoking is also prohibited in any outdoor area where flammable substances or
combustible materials are used or stored.

Persons who choose to smoke may do so outdoors no closer than 25 feet from
building openings such as doors, windows, air intakes, loading docks, etc.

1. It is the responsibility of all administrators, faculty, staff and students to
observe this policy.
2. Unit Heads, Chairs and Directors shall ensure that all personnel within their
areas comply with this policy.
3. Employees or students who violate this policy may be disciplined through
the Office of Human Resources or the Student Judiciary, respectively.
4. Any person who fails to comply with this policy may be in violation of
Article 13E of the New York State Public Health Law. Violators may be
subject to the imposition of a civil fine in addition to College disciplinary
5. Visitors are also required to observe this policy. Those who refuse to do so
may be removed from or denied re-admittance to a building or event. 

Smoking Cessation Assistance:
The Employee Assistance Program has several booklets available to assist with
smoking cessation. Call x6847 for information.

The New York State Smokers’ Quitline offers:

  • trained Quitline specialists offering help with quit plans – call 866-NYQUITS
  • free starter kit of nicotine patches, gum or lozenges for eligible NYS smokers
    information about local stop smoking programs
  • informational taped messages, including tips on the best ways to quit smoking,
    daily tips for support while trying to quit and information about free nicotine
    replacement options such as the patch or gum.

The website of the American Cancer Society also has information to help quit smoking.

Issue Date – 7/24/2003
Updated – 11/9/2007, 8/6/2008