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New York VIew

New York View

New York View (NYView) became an Associate Member of AmericaView in 2009 and a Full Member in 2014. The NYView consortium has two broad objectives:

  1. Facilitate application of remote sensing data/products within New York State;
  2. Support collaboration among the members of the consortium.

Water quality is a priority issue in NYS and continues to be a primary focus for NYView. NYView work continues to encourage development of strategic partnerships within the state, promote development of remote sensing skills for graduate and undergraduate students, and seek to improve communication between state and federal agencies. These efforts are framed within a broader context of better understanding the types of data and information needed by communities within New York. In particular, NYView will focus on exploring the capability for using remotely sensed data to evaluate the impact of changing land cover conditions on water quality in lakes and the condition of riparian zone along stream corridors. NYView will engage state agencies, community groups, and the academic community to maximize usability of remote sensing-derived information to facilitate decision making and resource allocation. While project work will focus on specific areas, the overarching goal is for all work performed to utilize a framework that can be extended beyond the local or even state level to address challenges faced across a broader scale.

NewYorkView is one of many "StateView" members of AmericaView, a nationwide program (a consortium of state-based consortia) that focuses on satellite remote sensing data and geospatial technologies in support of applied research, K-16 education, workforce development, and technology transfer. AmericaView is administered through a partnership between the US Geological Society (USGS) and AmericaView Inc.

For more information on AmericaView, see