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Office of International Education
Inviting a Relative or Friend to Visit

If you are an international student or visiting scholars, who wish to invite your family or friends to visit you in the U.S. or attend your graduation ceremony, you need to send the following documents to your invitees, so they can use them to apply for a visitor (B-2) visa.

  • Invitation Letter to your Guests (write a letter to each guest that you invite):  On your letter you need to address why and when you want your guest to visit you. And where they are going to stay when they come. Click here for a Sample Template.
  • A Letter to the American Consulate: On your letter, you need to explain who you are, what your current immigration or non-immigration status is, why you want to invite them to visit you and what are the dates and locations of their stay.  Please feel free to use the sample letter that we provided to you to modify your letter.
  • Enrollment Certification Letter: This verifies your degree, major and expected graduation time.
  • Documentation of Status
    • Copy of your I-20 or DS-2019
    • Copy of your passport, visa and I-94
    • Your bank statement with enough fund if you are going to sponsor your guests while they are here visiting you

Besides the above documentations, your invitees may also need to bring other documents such as below to apply for their B-2 visa. Depending on where they apply for the visa, the required documents can be slightly different.  Therefore, we strongly recommend your invitees to visit their local consulate/embassy’s website ( ) for more up to date and detailed information.

  • A valid passport
  • Two passport photos (one tape on the passport, one tape on the complete DS-160 form)
  • Complete visa application form DS-160 accurately
  • Pay visa application fee and print out the receipt
  • Invitee’s home country ID
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Bank statement, if they will sponsor their trip to the U.S.
  • Flight itinerary if they confirmed their travel plan
  • Documentation and photos that can proof their relationship with you

Please note, all F-1s and J-1s can invite your spouse and children to join in you in the U.S. as F-2 or J-2.  Please contact the Office of International Education for detailed information.