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Office of International Education
International Partnerships

SUNY ESF’s International Partnerships

The goal of establishing and growing international partnerships is to encourage student exchange, faculty and research exchange, and the growth of intellectual ideas. These partnerships help to internationalize our campus, our community, and our research all while connecting us in our academic mission to the greater world.

Establish Meaningful Relationships

While many offices are involved in our international partnership, individual faculty initiatives are at the heart of our most successful programs. Some common types of international partnerships include:

  • Student Exchange
  • Faculty/Scholar/Staff Exchange
  • Research Collaboration
  • Dual Diplomas/Degrees

The more we can do with a university the more successful our partnerships will be. SUNY ESF is excited to grow the relationships with our current partners while also creating new and meaningful partnerships across the world.

International Agreement Process

International Partnerships can be lengthy, yet extremely worthwhile projects. To help assist with the process, the Offices of International Education, Instruction and Graduate Studies, and the Provost have generated the following procedural guidelines:

  1. Meet With the Office of International Education:
    1. Upon inception, interested faculty should reach out to the Office of International Education (OIE) at to discuss the overall agreement process and goals.
  2. Generate a Draft Agreement:
    1. Interested faculty will then work with OIE to generate a draft agreement based upon SUNY templates to be then reviewed by SUNY ESF’s Senior International Officer, Associate Counsel, and Provost. OIE will assist the faculty in managing the process in a timely manner.
  3. Formal Reviewing Process:
    1. Once properly reviewed, all agreements at SUNY ESF are signed by either the SUNY ESF Provost or President and then mailed to the potential partner. OIE will store scanned copies of all signed agreement and will also help to recordkeep signature dates and partner contact information.
    2. Note: All international agreements at SUNY ESF are done at the institutional level and require a signature from either the President or Provost. Faculty cannot sign these agreements on an individual basis.
  4. Timeframe Considerations:
    1. Important: Due to the high level of review these agreements often take, faculty should plan for a six month time frame to complete a new or renewed agreement. Bear in mind that these agreements often require reviewing by multiple people and offices at the very least.
  5. Final Year Assessment:
    1. All agreements require an assessment to be completed by the faculty champion one year prior to the expiration date of the agreement. This assessment will also serve the dual purpose of a reminder of the need to renew the expiring agreement. OIE will assist the faculty member in remembering and will recordkeep all assessments.