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Office of International Education
Transferring your SEVIS Record to ESF

Eligibility for a SEVIS Record Transfer

F-1 Students:

  • The start date at your new school must be within 5 months of your SEVIS "transfer out" date or your program completion, whichever is earlier. For students authorized for post-completion OPT, the new program start date must be within 5 months of your SEVIS "transfer out" date or the end of the OPT authorization, whichever is earlier. If the period of time between programs is longer than 5 months, your SEVIS record does not need to be transferred. Your new school will issue a new initial I-20 and new SEVIS number.
  • You must currently be maintaining F-1 status.
  • If you have already graduated, you must be within your 60-day grace period.

J-1 Students:

  • You must currently be maintaining J-1 status.
  • You must coordinate your SEVIS transfer before your current DS-2019 expires.

SEVIS Record Transfer Procedures

  1. To transfer to SUNY ESF, you must first apply for graduate admission or undergraduate admission, receive official acceptance notification for the College, submit proof of funding for the first year of study, submit a copy of your passport, and complete the New International Student Information Form received with your acceptance materials.
  2. Once you have completed the admissions process, complete the F-1 or J-1 SEVIS Record Transfer-In Request Form. You should complete Part I of the Transfer-In Form. Please have your International Student Advisor fill out Part II. Be sure to include a SEVIS record release date; this is the date your current institution will release your SEVIS record to SUNY ESF so that a new I-20 or DS-2019 can be issued for your SUNY ESF program of study.
  3. Next, please scan and email your completed Transfer-In Form to with the subject line, "Completed Transfer-In Form" or fax it to the attention of the Coordinator of International Education at 315-470-6978.
  4.  After the Transfer-In Form is received and the release date occurs, SUNY ESF will issue a new I-20/DS2019 for your SUNY ESF program of study.
  5. If you indicated on the Transfer-in Form that you will remain in the U.S. , you may pick up the document at the Office of International Education when you arrive at SUNY ESF. 
    If you will travel outside of the U.S. after the SEVIS record release date, your new I-20/ DS-2019 will be mailed to you at the address indicated on the Transfer-In Form via regular airmail; you must use the SUNY ESF I-20/ DS-2019 when you re-enter the U.S.
    Airmail can take 3 to 4 weeks to be received overseas. If you would like to pay for express mail services, please provide credit card details (name, account number, and expiration date) and verify the address you would like your documents mailed to and the telephone number for the residence.
  • F-1 Student SEVIS Transfer FAQ's

Academic Information about Graduate-Level Transfers

A student who has completed courses at other recognized institutions of higher learning may be able to apply credit for such courses toward degree requirements at ESF. The faculty adviser will evaluate the official records of studies previously completed. In some cases, a decision as to the credit that can be allowed will be deferred until the student arrives on campus and can discuss with appropriate officials the nature and extent of previous studies.

Additional ESF Undergraduate Transfer Resources: