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Past NEKDA Meetings

2023 Spring - Oneonta, NY

  • Kiln Drying for Retail Customers
  • Kiln Operator's Clinic - Bill Smith
  • Protect your Lumber - Mark Metzger
  • Boiler and Feed Water System Maintenance - Matt Colburn
  • Steam Production, Utilization - Fundamentals - Jim Davis 
  • Steam Technology and Utilization - Applications - Jim Davis
  • Safety Issues with Kiln Drying and Lumber Handling - Peter Sformo

2019 Fall - West Lebanon, New Hampshire

  • some Plant Tour photos - Durgin and Crowell Lumber, Kennebec Lumber
  • "Kiln Operator's Clinic" - Fall 2019
  • Lumber Handling and Management Best Practices to Control Stain; a panel discussion
  • SFI Certification - Gordy Mouw, Sustainable Forestry Initiative
  • Steam Technology and Utilization – Fundamentals and Applications - Daryl Schoellkopf, F.W. Webb Co
  • Managing Variable Speed Drives - Jay Bradford, Motion Industries
  • Mass Timber – An Introduction and Opportunities - Marc Rivard, WoodWorks - postponed

2019 Spring - Keene, New Hampshire

  • some Plant Tour photos - Cersosimo Lumber, Allard Lumber
  • "Kiln Operator's Clinic" - Spring 2019
  • Managing Wet Bulb Depression, Jason Ayer, Cersosimo Hardwick Kilns
  • Treatments to Control Stain, Steve Anderson, Contechem
  • Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving Technology, Chuck Clerici, Efficiency Vermont
  • Heat Treatment of Lumber, Matt Pomery, NELMA
  • Boiler Water Quality, Mike Weiland and Tom Hageman, Clarity Water Technologies
  • The Science of Burning Wood Chips – pine, mixed hardwood, Dave Nichols, Technical Services

2018 Fall - Southbridge, Massachusetts

  • some Plant Tour photos - Hull Forest Products
  • "Kiln Operator's Clinic" - Fall 2018
  • Kiln Controllers, Selection and Use – Expert Panel Presentation and Discussion

    • Tom Graber, Baillie Lumber, Smyrna, NY

    • Jason Ayer, Hardwick Kilns/Cersosimo Lumber, Hardwick, MA

  • An Update on The Mayflower II Restoration, Terry Connors, University of Kentucky
  • Lumber Handling – Modern, Efficient Equipment and Techniques, Geoff Gannon, TS Manufacturing
  • Drying White Oak Barrel Staves – practical experiences and applications, Terry Connors, University of Kentucky
  • USDA Inspectors – What do they look for?, Eric Chamberlin, USDA, APHIS

  • Moisture Meters, Best Selection and Use, Zane Yuhas, Delmhorst Instrument

  • Air Flow for Different Species – Quality, Productive Drying with Energy Savings, Bill Smith, SUNY  ESF

2018 Spring - Sayre, Pennsylvania

  • some Plant Tour photos - Wagner Lumber and Masco Cabinets
  • "Kiln Operator's Clinic" - Spring 2018
  • Kiln Maintenance and Repair - Expert Panel Discussion
  • Safety – Kilns and Mills – Peter Sformo, W.J. Cox
  • Water Quality, Treatment and Boiler Performance for Dry Kiln Operations – Mike Weiland, Clarity Water Technologies
  • Impact of Climate Change on Kiln Drying Quality Lumber - Chuck Ray, Penn State
  • The Importance of Drying Quality to Cabinet Manufacturing - Don Fetzer, Masco Cabinetry
  • Using Radiant Heaters to Maintain Desired Dry Storage EMC - Mike Lieb, PennRadiant; Jason Lyon, Bingaman Lumber
  • Modern Methods of Dimensional Stability - Neil Kohan, SUNY ESF, Syracuse, NY

2017 Fall - Waterville, Maine

  • some Plant Tour photos - Kennebec Lumber, Solon, ME
  • "Kiln Operator's Clinic" - Fall 2017
  • Dri-Stixx Kiln Stickers, Eric Porter, Abenaki Timber, Epping, NH
  • Quality Control of Moisture / Determination of Moisture Content Bill Smith, SUNY ESF, Syracuse, NY
  • Assisted Venting to Save Energy and Improve Quality, Jeremy Howard, NYLE Systems, Brewer, ME
  • Thermal Treatment of Lumber Systems, Dan Mathews, SII Dry Kilns, Lexington, NC
  • The Chemistry of Thermal Treatment, Neil Kohan, SUNY ESF, Syracuse, NY
  • Kiln Maintenance and Repair, Bob Pope, SII Dry Kilns, Montpelier, VT

2017 Spring - Johnstown, New York

  • some Plant tour photos
    • Rawlings Adirondack Bat, Dolgeville, NY
    • North Hudson Woodcraft, Dolgeville, NY

2016 Fall - Shelburne, New Hampshire

  • some Plant Tour photos - Milan Lumber, Milan, NH
  • some Plant Tour photos - Hancock Lumber, Bethel, ME
  • "Kiln Operator's Clinic" - Fall 2016
  • The Mayflower II Restoration, Terry Conners, University of Kentucky - 2 per page
  • How to Cut and Sell RR Crossties,Terry Conners, University of Kentucky - 2 per page
  • Kiln Energy Audits, Dan Avery, Gutchess Lumber - 2 per page
  • Energy Efficiency for Fans, Brian Kingsbury, Vacutherm
  • Why Wood Warps, Peter Garrahan, Garrahan Consulting
  • Marketing for Small Sawmills, Terry Conners, University of Kentucky - 2 per page

2016 Spring - Concord, New Hampshire

  • "Kiln Operator's Clinic" - Spring 2016
  • Controlling Drying and Maintaining Quality using Anchor Seal wax and Shade-Dri UV Resistant Polypropylene Mesh Fabric, Peter Duerden, U*C Coatings, Buffalo, NY
  • An Update on Heat Treatment for Export, Matt Pomeroy, NeLMA, Cumberland Center, ME
  • Safety around Lumber Mill and Kiln Operations, Scott Lawson, The Lawson Group, Concord, NH
  • HRV – Heat Recovery Vents for Kilns, Jeremy Howard, NYLE Dry Kilns, Brewer, ME
  • Steam – Basics and Troubleshooting Coils and Traps, George Moynihan, R.L. Stone Co., West Newbury, MA; Michel Poulin, Armstrong Heat Transfer Group, Granby, Quebec; Dennis Ford, F.W. Webb, Concord, NH

2015 Fall - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

  • some Plant tour photos - Martin Guitar
  • “KILN OPERATOR'S CLINIC - Fall 2015”
  • Martin Guitar Manufacturing, the Importance of Wood Quality, Martin Guitar
  • Effect of kiln drying on the vibration of wood used for musical instruments, Bob Rice, University of Maine
  • Best Kiln Humidification and Conditioning, Cold Water Spray and Steam, Thom Brown, SII Dry Kilns
  • Optimizing Operational Efficiency in Dry Kiln Management, Chuck Ray, Penn State
  • New Opportunities in Kiln Controls, Josh Goin, Lignomat USA
  • Go Wood Pro Blog – Recommendations for Growing the Forest Industry in the Northeast, Chuck Ray, Penn State

2015 Spring - Presque Isle, Maine

  • some Plant tour photos - some Plant tour photos - Maine Woods, Moosewood Flooring, Columbia Plywood
  • “KILN OPERATOR'S CLINIC - Spring 2015”
  • Calibration Checks of Dry- and Wet-Bulbs, Marc Savard, FPInnovations.
  • Ten Steps Towards Successful Drying, Peter Garrahan, Garrahan Consulting.

2014 Fall -

  • some Plant tour photos - The A. Johnson Co. and Lamell Lumber
  • “KILN OPERATOR'S CLINIC - Fall 2014”
  • Kiln Humidity and Air Psychrometrics, Bill Smith, SUNY ESF Wood Products, Syracuse, NY
  • Measuring Lumber with Light – Vision Tally, Walter McIlvain, Industrial Vision Systems, Bryn Mawr, PA
  • An Update on the Status of Invasive Insects and Pathogens, and Compliance and Maintaining Kiln Calibration and Certification, Kimberly Merenz, USDA APHIS, Albany, NY
  • Kiln Motor Recommendation, Maintenance and Repair Economics, Eric Bourque, EBI Electric, St-Georges, Quebec
  • Using Wood Moisture Meters,Tom Laurenzi, Delmhorst Instrument Co., Towaco, NJ
  • Kiln Schedule Modification, Bill Smith, SUNY ESF Wood Products, Syracuse, NY

2014 Spring - Brattleboro, Vermont

  • some Plant tour photos - Lashway Lumber, Cersosimo Lumber
  • “KILN OPERATOR'S CLINIC - Spring 2014”
  • Kiln Drying for Quality – Market Expectations, Jack Little, Keiver-Willard Hardwoods
  • Vacuum Kiln Drying – What is it and its Application, Jim Parker, Vacutherm, Warren, VT and Larry Lashway, Lashway Lumber, Williamsburg, MA
  • Implementing Drying Improvements- Repair and Maintenance, Chuck Sackett, King Forest Industries
  • Managing Predryer Operations – Cross and Down Draft, Scott Ferland, Cersosimo Lumber, Brattleboro, VT and Jason Ayer, Hardwick Kilns, div. of Cersosimo Lumber, Hardwick, MA
  • Drying White Maple, Bill Smith, SUNY ESF, Syracuse, NY

2013 Fall - Elmira, NY - joint New England and Keystone Kiln Drying Associations

  • Plant tour photos - Sirianni Hardwoods and Wagner Lumber
  • “KILN OPERATOR'S CLINIC - Fall 2013”
  • How Sawing Affects Drying…what can you do about it?, Gene Wengert, The WoodDoctor’s Rx, Madison, WI
  • Water Quality, Treatment and Boiler Performance for Dry Kiln Operation, Mike Weiland, Clarity Water Technologies, Congers, NY
  • The Perfect Hardwood Kiln Schedule, with Emphasis on Oak, Gene Wengert, The WoodDoctor’s Rx, Madison, WI
  • Why do You Get Hurt?, Peter Sformo, WJ Cox Associates, Clarence, NY
  • Drying White Woods, Tom Graber, Baillie Lumber, Smyrna, NY, and Bill Smith, SUNY ESF, Syracuse, NY

2013 Spring - West Lebanon, NH

  • Plant tour photos - Durgin and Crowell Lumber.
  • Is The Hardwood Market on a Rebound, Maybe then Maybe Not, Bill Luppold, Bill Luppold, USDA Forest Service, Princeton, WV
  • Correct Moisture Determination via the Oven Dry Method, Jake Seidel, SUNY ESF, Syracuse, NY
  • A New Pinless Moisture Meter, Peter Garrahan, Wood Drying Consultant, Ottawa, ON
  • Regulation and Compliance Issues for the Emerald Ash Borer, Mark Michaelis, USDA APHIS, Berlin, VT
  • An Update on the Picture Tally System, Fred Doane, Northland Forest Products, Kingston, NH
  • Applying QC Principles in Drying, Peter Garrahan, Wood Drying Consultant, Ottawa, ON
  • Determining Moisture Content of Red Oak Firewood, Neil Kohan, SUNY ESF, Syracuse, NY

2012 Fall - Waterville, NE

  • Plant tour photos - Kennebec Lumber and Hancock Lumber.
  • Boiler Energy and Ash: How to be Smart, Sound Smart and get a Raise by Looking at the Ash Pile, Bob Rice, University of Maine, Orono, ME
  • Use of Temperature, Relative Humidity and EMC when Managing Drying Operations, Brian Hughes, Wagner Lumber, Cayuta, NY
  • Water Quality and Boiler Performance, Tom Hageman, Clarity Water Technologies, Washington Township, NJ
  • Implementing Drying Improvements, Chuck Sackett, King Forest Industries, Wentworth, NH
  • Understanding Dehumidification Concepts, Equipment, Methods and Procedures to Dry Lumber, Don Lewis, NYLE Systems, Brewer, ME
  • Air Drying – Free Energy but not Free Drying, Peter Garrahan, Wood Drying Consultant, Ottawa, ON

2012 Spring - Middletown, CT

  • Plant tour photos - Steinway Piano Co.
  • Wood Moisture Meters- Tools & Accessories to Enhance Use, Alan Dlugasch, Delmhorst Instrument, Towaco, NJ
  • Current Issues with Emerald Ash Borer, Asian Longhorn Beetle and Various other Wood Insects and Pathogens, Scott Myers, USDA APHIS, Buzzards Bay, MA
  • Tools for Troubleshooting Kiln Drying Problems, Luiz Oliveira, FPInnovations, Wood Products Div., Vancouver, BC
  • Quality Control – An End-User’s Perspective, Harry Harrinandan, Steinway Piano, Long Island City, NY
  • Optimizing Boiler Efficiency and Compliance, David Nichols, Technical Services, Claremont, NH

2011 Fall - Rutland, VT

  • Plant tour photos - Rutland Plywood, Mill River Lumber, Vermont Pellet.
  • Accuracy and Calibration of Kiln Controllers, Bob Pope, USNR, Montpelier, VT
  • Manufacture of Wood Pellets, Chris Brooks, Vermont Wood Pellet, N. Clarendon, VT
  • Increasing Kiln Productivity, Joe Denig, NC State Univ., Raleigh, NC
  • Dry Kiln Safety, Peter Sformo, WJ Cox Associates, Clarence, NY
  • Characteristics, Product Details and Use of Shade-Dri Cloth, Peter Duerden, U*C Coatings, Buffalo, NY
  • Enhancing the Air Drying Process, Brian Hughes, Wagner Lumber, Cayuta, NY

2011 Spring - Oneonta, NY

  • Plant tour photos - Baillie Lumber, Smyrna, NY and Wightman Lumber, Portlandville, NY
  • Drying Oak and Thick Hardwood Lumber, Bill Smith, SUNY ESF, Syracuse, NY
  • Applying Lean Manufacturing Techniques to Kiln Drying, Chuck Ray, Penn State, State College, PA
  • Root Cause Analysis, W.J. Cox Associates, Clarence, NY
  • Wood Decay, Fungi, Stain and Mold, Sue Anagnost, SUNY ESF, Syracuse, NY
  • The Chestnut Blight and It’s Restoration Program, Chuck Maynard, SUNY ESF, Syracuse, NY
  • Procedures and Techniques for Drying Mixed Loads, Bob Pope, USNR, Montpelier, VT

2010 Fall - Shelburne, NH

  • Wood Packaging Material and the Mechanics and Logistics of Heat Treating, Marc Moore, NeLMA, Cumberland Center, ME
  • Dry Kiln Heat Exchangers – User’s Perspective, Jim Robbins, Robbins Lumber, Searsmont, ME
  • Drying Economics - Return on Investment, Yves Fortin, University of Laval, Quebec City, Quebec
  • The SCS In-Kiln Meter and Your Drying Operation, John Wallace, SCS Forest Products, Vancouver, BC
  • Pathology in the Tree and Wood Quality , Walter Shortle, USDA Forest Service, Durham, NH
  • Drying Stress and How to Deal with It , Bill Smith, SUNY ESF, Syracuse, NY

2010 Spring - Keene, NH

  • Internet Tools which can Assist Lumber Drying, Bob Pope, USNR, Montpelier, VT
  • Dry Kiln Operator's Workshop
  • APHIS and Phytosanitary Aspects of Lumber and Wood Processing,
  • Scott Myers, USDA APHIS , Buzzards Bay, MA
  • Kiln Drying Practices and Procedures for White Woods, Tom Graber, Baillie Lumber, Smyrna, NY                    
  • Implementation of APHIS Rules and Procedures, Scott Myers, USDA APHIS, Buzzards Bay, MA
  • Operating Wood-Fired Boilers at Varying Loads- Issues and Solutions, Francis Nichols, Technical Services, Claremont, NH
  • Dry Kiln Management is Integral to the Lumber Production Team, Scott Ferland, Cersosimo Lumber, Brattleboro, VT

2009 Fall - Andover, MA

  • Operations Management of a Kiln Drying and Manufacturing Facility, Dan Wightman, Wightman Specialty Woods, Portlandville, NY
  • Dry Kiln Operator's Workshop
  • Kiln Samples – Selection and Use for Standard and Mixed Loads
    • Jeremy Jacquet, Caledonia Kiln Co. St. Johnsbury, VT
  • Managing Energy to Save Money during Lumber Drying and Processing
    • Matt Tuttleman, EnerNOC, Boston, MA
  • Managing Hardwood Lumber and Drying Quality – Starting in the Air Yard
    • Ed Dorrick, Rex Lumber, Englishtown, NJ       
  • Heat Treatment and Kiln Drying of Firewood
    • Ann Johnson, A. Johnson Co., Bristol, VT and Bob MacGregor, MacGregor Mill Systems, Belfast, ME

2009 Spring - Lake Placid, NY

  • NEKDA Kiln Operator Clinic April 2009
  • Air Drying - Brian Hughes, Wagner Lumber
  • Dry Kiln Maintenance - Adam Collins, Cersosimo Lumber
  • Kiln Controls - Ann Johnson - The A. Johnson Co.
  • Moisture Meters - Bill Smith - SUNY ESF Wood Products
  • Safety - Peter Sformo - W.J. Cox & Associates
  • Ten Easy Steps - Peter Garrahan - Forintek Canada

2008 Fall

  • 2008 Fall Meeting Page

2008 Spring

  • NEKDA - April 8 & 9, North Conway, NH NEKDA-SprPro08
  • EMC Background - Peter Garrahan
  • Kiln Operator Clinic - April 2008 North Conway NH
  • Dry Kiln Maintenance - Scott Ferland and Adam Collins
  • Wood Energy in NH - Sarah Smith
  • Care of Wood-Fired Boilers - David and Francis Nichols
  • Drying Exotic Woods - Bill Smith

2007 Fall

  • NEKDA - October 30 & 31, Owego, NY
  • Kiln Operator's Clinic - October 2007, Owego, NY
  • NHLA Heat Treatment, Kiln Drying and Hardwood Grading, Tim Moulton, NHLA
  • Managing Kiln and Drying Operations Brian Hughes, Wagner Hardwoods
  • Using Wood Moisture Meters, Alan Dlugasch, Delmhorst Instrument
  • Vacuum Kiln Drying, Dennis Socling, PC Specialties
  • Economic Analysis of Kiln Drying Costs, Dan Wightman, Wightman Lumber
  • Steam System Design and Practices Related to Kiln Drying: Scott Herl, Herline Technologies

2007 Spring

  • NEKDA - Spring 2007
  • White Pine Shrinkage - Practical Observations and Determination, Bill Smith, SUNY ESF Wood Products
  • Kiln Design and Improved Moisture Content Uniformity, Thom Smith, Old Town Lumber
  • Triple Length Continous Kilns, Bob Pope, USNR
  • Presorting Green Lumber Based Upon D-C Moisture Measurement, Rene Ricard, Fabrication Delta
  • Some Thoughts about Stain and Discoloration in Wood, Bob Rice, University of Maine

2006 Fall

  • NEKDA - Fall 2006
  • In-kiln moisture detectors - Vincent Lavoie
  • Kiln Drying Management - Brian Hughes
  • Drying Stress Fundamentals - Bill Smith
  • Picture gallery (A. Johnson, Lamell and Student Scholarship pictures) - coming soon

2006 Spring

  • NEKDA - Spring 2006
  • End Users Perspective Quality Kiln Drying - Tim McIntyre
  • Kiln Emissions Update - Bob Rice
  • Picture Tally - Rick Fafard & Fred Doane
  • Pathology and Wood Quality - Walter Shortle

2005 Fall

  • NEKDA - Fall2005
  • How Wood Dries - Fundamentals of Wood Anatomy - Bill Smith
  • Impact of Airflow on Drying - Dany Norman and Vincent Lavoie
  • Protecting Dry Lumber - Bob Little
  • Cogeneration Facilities for Wood Drying Facilities - Dan Kempland
  • Managing Electrical Energy costs - Dave Johnson
  • Sizing and Specifying a New Kiln - Bob Little
  • Variable Speed Drives - Ken Scherer

2005 Spring

  • NEKDA - Spring 2005
  • Heat Treatment - Jeff Easterling
  • Air Drying Lumber - Adam Collins & Scott Ferland
  • Boilers & Kilns - Ed Dorrick
  • Kiln Energy Decisions - Jeff Ward
  • Kiln Controllers & Systems - Peter Garrahan
  • Stain Prevention - Lance Johnson