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Graphic of clamshell food container, paper, bee and electric car bordered on top and bottom by green bars with acorn watermark.

Attend ESF and Help Improve Our World

At the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) “Improve Our World” is our mission – a way of life.

Our students live this mantra every day through programs, practices, and self-motivation.

For example, when students order their food to-go at the Trailhead Café, they can check out reusable containers at no cost. In fact, it costs extra to get a disposable and compostable container! This is part of an initiative to take our campus from a throw-away mindset to a reusable one, and is helping ESF meet its goal to reduce waste by 90% in weight by 2025.

Also, students are encouraged to sign the  Sustainability Pledge, vowing to take small steps daily towards sustainability and learn how their small actions have a big impact. From energy efficiency and water conservation to food systems and sustainable transportation, the pledge is a blueprint for creating a sustainable future.

To support sustainable transportation, ESF is an EV charging hub for the campus and the greater Syracuse community. With 18 charging stations on campus, people can charge their cars while they work or visit. Bonus: The parking spaces are next to campus buildings!

It’s not only people who are buzzing about improving our world at ESF. Bees and other pollinators know that campus is the place to “bee.” The College is a Bee Campus USA affiliate pledging to protect pollinators and the critical services they provide to our planet. We maintain several woodland wildflower gardens that offer vital pollen and nectar sources for pollinators.

At ESF, we foster an environment that empowers the campus community to take individual actions that spark positive change. If you’re passionate about improving our world, then ESF is the College for you.

By Landon Debes, writing intern in ESF’s Office of Communications and Marketing.