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Centennial Hall - Triples

Welcome to ESF and Centennial Hall! As the summer progresses, so do our plans to engage with you and support your success as you transition to ESF and move through your time with us.

We are working to ensure all first-year students have a positive transition to ESF and a wonderful experience in Centennial Hall. Approach this new opportunity with enthusiasm, patience, and good humor.

While assigning new first-year students to residence hall triples is common practice at colleges and universities, we understand that questions may arise. We have developed the frequently asked questions below to provide information and address any concerns our new students and their families may have about triple placements. If you have remaining questions, please contact staff in Centennial Hall at 315-741-3067.

Curious to see what a triple room looks like? Click through the photo gallery to see the layout and furniture.

We can't wait for you to move in!

Q & A

What is a triple room?

A triple room is a large open room with 3 beds and 3 sets of furniture. Each student has a bed, desk, desk chair, 2 stackable dressers, and closet or armoire. There will be a set of bunk beds and a lofted bed with a desk, dressers, and armoire underneath it. In addition, there is an in-unit bathroom for the 3 of you.

Triple rooms come standard with a mini fridge/microwave unit, temperature control panel and a shared bathroom in the unit. Each room has a window.

Why was I assigned to a triple room?

Each year is different in terms of space availability in Centennial Hall. For 2022-2023, a larger number of continuing students and first-year students, for whom on-campus residency is required, reserved space in Centen and as a result some first-year students will be placed in triples. While this might not be your first choice of room type, it is very cost-effective and an exciting opportunity to meet new friends.

Will it be cramped in the room?

Not necessarily. If you had an opportunity to tour Centennial Hall—in-person or online—you are aware of the generous space in our traditional first-year double rooms. Rooms in Centennial Hall tend to be larger than many other college residence halls and they allow for a variety of room configurations. We encourage all students residing in Centennial Hall to be judicious as they pack for their new home. To help save space, remember that not all items require multiples. Contact your roommates in advance to coordinate who will bring what.

Any communication tips for roommates?

Once you match with a group of 3 in RoomSync, discuss with one another your plans before arriving. Discuss who will be on a top bunk or the loft and who will take the closets or armoire. Centennial Hall Staff will color code furniture so that there is an equal distribution for the room, and you will be able to choose your color set at move in. Consider study habits and expectations of living together. Throughout your time living in a triple, we suggest you always be kind, courteous and communicative. Compromise is a key strategy for all roommates, regardless of the room type or configuration.

Staff in Centen, including student resident assistants (RAs), are terrific resources for all residential students and can often assist in navigating challenging conversations.

How will I be able to study in a triple?

There are multiple ways to study while living in a triple. You will likely have different class schedules that will leave the room quiet at different times. You can study with your roommates in the suite. We also have a variety of study spaces in Centennial Hall, throughout the ESF campus and on the SU campus to meet your needs. Many students choose somewhere other than their Centennial Hall room as their preferred study location.

How long do I have to live in a triple? Can I change rooms?

If you are interested in a different room type, please join the waiting list to communicate your preferences. While you will have a year-long contract for a triple room, as other spaces become available, we will offer those opportunities to residents in the order they joined the wait list. Each semester we open a room change process to all residents, where they can change room types or roommates if the space is available.

Do I have to change rooms or de-triple?

When space becomes available, students assigned to triples will be contacted according to their position on the wait list. You do not need to change rooms or de-triple if you are happy in your space. This is an opportunity to make some amazingly close friendships with your peers.

What is the cost differential for a triple?

Students assigned to a triple will pay $1,125 less than a traditional double each semester the student resides in a triple. Room charges will be adjusted on a pro-rated basis if you move from a triple to alternative accommodations.

When do new students move into Centennial Hall?

Students assigned to a triple space for the fall semester will get to move into Centennial Hall first on Monday, August 22. All other first-year students will move in on Tuesday, August 23.