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Meal Plans Explained

Syracuse University meal plans provide ESF students with easy access and payment via their ESFID card.

All first-year students living in ESF’s Centennial Hall are required by ESF to purchase a meal plan through Syracuse University.  

You may select any of the available meal plans at Syracuse, but you are required to have a minimum of 85 meals per semester (SU Block 85 Plan). This plan provides an average of five meals per week at five all-you-care-to-eat Syracuse University dining centers plus $200 in Meal Plan Dining Dollars that may also be spent for entrance to the dining centers or at ESF dining locations and Syracuse University retail dining locations across the campus.

Typically, Centennial Hall residents use their SU meal plan swipes at the five dining centers found on the SU campus, including Sadler dining center, located just a short walk from Centennial Hall. Dining centers are open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and any time in between. Meal Plan Dining Dollars are often used in ESF’s Trailhead Café and Moon Library and nearby Syracuse dining locations.

ESF students living on campus who choose one of SU’s block meal plan options, Block 85 or Block 130, are also required to purchase $500 in ‘CUSE Cash each semester. This provides students with additional meals throughout the semester.  

It is important to emphasize that Meal Plan Dining Dollars and ‘CUSE Cash are both accepted at ESF-owned and operated facilities — Trailhead Café in the Gateway Center and Moon Café in Moon Library. Meal Plan Dining Dollars and ‘CUSE Cash may also be used at a variety of establishments on the SU campus, including the Schine Student Center.

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Quick Facts

’Cuse Cash

  • Purchased yearly, in addition to meal plan
  • Acts like cash
  • Allows you to buy food, goods, and services through your ESF ID card
  • Balance rolls from fall semester to spring and remaining balance reimburses to your college account at the end of the year

Meal Plan Dining Dollars

  • Valid for current semester only
  • Do NOT roll over

Purchasing and Pricing

Meal plan selections can be made by logging in to MySlice. Meal plan changes can be made until the end of the second week of each semester and spring semester meal plans will default to the previous semester meal plan selection. The College does a meal plan audit each semester to ensure students are meeting their minimum meal plan requirements.

The charge for your meal plan and the purchase of ‘CUSE Cash will be billed through your SU bursar account rather than your ESF account. You will be responsible for any use of financial aid to fund these costs at the time of payment.

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