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Women in Scientific & Environmental Professions Speaker Series

Co-Creating Indigenous Futures: Finding My Place as a Haudenosaunee Woman in Academia, Land Sovereignty, and Healing Justice.
Stephanie Morningstar
Co-Coordinator, Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust (NEFOC-LT), NY/NE and Herbalist, Sky World Apothecary, Ridgeville, Ontario
Wednesday, March 4, 2020, 4pm, Gateway Event Center B
Sponsors: Center for Native Peoples and the Environment.

Stephanie Morningstar (OnΛyota'a:ka – Oneida, Turtle clan, Haudenosaunee Confederacy) is an Herbalist, soil and seed steward, scholar, student, and Earth Worker dedicated to decolonizing and liberating minds, hearts, and land- one plant, person, ecosystem, and non-human being at a time. Stephanie grows medicines and food for front line activists and communities of color at Sky World Apothecary & Farm. She serves as a Leadership Council member for the New England Women’s Herbal Conference and the International Herb Symposium where she has collectively worked to decolonize learning spaces for her community. She is the Co-Coordinator of the Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust where she works to liberate land and resituate Indigenous and Diasporic peoples’ roles, responsibilities, and covenants to the land as a direct response to land dispossession, health disparities, and the ongoing climate crisis. Stephanie is also an Indigenous Knowledge Mobilization Specialist for Global Water Futures, where she helps Indigenous-led projects to advance the understanding of traditional knowledge and western knowledge indicators by working together to research and aid in water governance, food security, sediment restoration, water security, climate change and human and ecosystem health in Indigenous communities. She is in love with a beautiful human named Noel, who she has shared her life with for over 10 years. They currently live on Dish With One Spoon Wampum Agreement territory, also known as Niagara, Ontario.


With Adaptive Peaks Seminar Series
Title TBA
Healy Hamilton

Chief Scientist & Vice President for Conservation Science, NatureServe, Arlington, VA
Tuesday, April 28, 2020, 7pm, Gateway Event Center
Sponsors: Department of Environmental and Forest Biology,

Dr. Healy Hamilton is the Chief Scientist and Vice President for Conservation Science at NatureServe. As a biodiversity scientist, she has broad interests in the evolution and conservation of the diversity of life.  She obtained her Master’s degree at Yale University and her Ph.D. at University of California Berkeley, and for both degrees, conducted extensive fieldwork in South America. Dr. Hamilton is the President of the Society for Conservation GIS and has served on the Science Committee of the National Park Service Advisory Board. In addition, she is a Switzer Foundation Environmental Leadership grantee and a former U.S. Fulbright Scholar.

Her current research focus is global change biology, with an emphasis on forecasting the impacts of climate change on species and ecosystems for natural resource management and conservation.  In her spare time, she studies the taxonomy, evolution and conservation genetics of seahorses and their relatives. Dr. Hamilton is committed to public understanding of biodiversity and global change, and explores data visualization approaches to improve ecological literacy.

Presented by SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, The ESF Women's Caucus, with the assistance of other offices and programs at ESF and Syracuse University.

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