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ESF Campus Tour
Bray Hall

At one point or another in their ESF career, all students will pass through Bray Hall. As the oldest building on campus, Bray Hall is home to the College’s administrative offices including the Office of the President, Financial Aid & Scholarships, Registrar, and others. The Department of Sustainable Resources Management also has its offices in Bray Hall.

The completion of Bray Hall in 1917 gave ESF its first permanent home. Since there were no state funds available to hire vehicles or workers to move the College’s books, furniture, surveying and laboratory equipment or other possessions from their temporary quarters at Syracuse University to the new building, faculty members and approximately 200 ESF students volunteered their services and completed the move in just two days. Bray remained the only building on the ESF campus until Marshall Hall’s completion in 1933. You can still see the College’s original name, the New York State College of Forestry, chiseled in the stonework on the building’s west side. An open rotunda connects the building’s second, third and fourth floors.

Formal Name: William L. Bray Hall

Dedication Date: 1917

Gross Area: 95,530 SF

Original Cost: $241,000

Primary Use: Administrative; Teaching; Research; Service

Program Units

Named Facilities

  • Board Room (room 229)

Program Support Facilities

  • Copy center
  • Trimble Pathfinder Community Base Station (Bray Hall Roof)