e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry
e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

Welcome to FNRM

Since its inception in 1911, the Department of Forest and Natural Resources Management at ESF has been central to the mission of the college and at the forefront of defining our profession.

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We are proud of our educational programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels and are committed to preparing our students to be professionals and teachers, researchers and planners, managers and policy makers, who will contribute throughout their careers to viable and sustainable management of our forest and natural resources at the local, state, and national levels.

ESF's forest and natural resources management programs are science-based and values-driven. The integration of values and scientific facts characterize professions that are successful in democracies. ESF-trained foresters and natural resource managers are able to integrate these two threads in America's complex society.

The department’s vision of professional forest and natural resource managers is that they are problem solvers who master disciplinary knowledge and skills, then integrate them to protect and manage forest and natural resources; and leaders who help people solve the more complex problems with the world's forest and natural resources.

ESF forest and natural resources management’s educational goals are to:

  1. Understand forests and related natural resources — how they function and their dynamics;
  2. Be skilled in managing forests and other natural resources and predicting the consequences;
  3. Monitor citizen and owner values of forests and other natural resources and be respectful of them; and
  4. Integrate values with scientific facts and know the limits of our knowledge.

The mission of the Department of Forest and Natural Resources Management's programs is to produce and to transmit knowledge about the function and dynamics of forests and related renewable resources to all of our customers; to encourage continual learning about forest and related renewable resources and their role in making people's lives better; and to develop leaders who will manage renewable resources for people on a sustainable basis.

The department offers programs leading to bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees at the main college campus in Syracuse, N.Y., and three programs leading to the associate in applied science (A.A.S.) degree at The Ranger School in Wanakena, N.Y. See the Ranger School for information about the associate of applied science degrees in forest technology, land surveying technology, and environmental and natural resources conservation.

Contact Us

Department of Forest and Natural Resources Management
320 Bray Hall, 1 Forestry Drive
Syracuse, NY 13210-2788
Phone: (315) 470-6536
Fax: (315) 470-6535

Chris Nowak, Chair