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Animal Care at ESF

Welcome to ESF's Animal Care web resource maintained by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). Learn about ESF's commitment to animal welfare and the obligations of faculty and students for complying with Federal and State regulations.

The ESF IACUC has the responsibility for implementing the College's overall Program for Animal Welfare. The IACUC's membership and activities are designed to meet or exceed all federal, state, and local regulations/guidelines, as well as those stemming from granting agencies.

The IACUC has the obligation to prospectively review all uses of living vertebrate animals on campus for teaching and field research. Thereafter, the IACUC monitors all animals on campus to ensure that they receive the highest standard of care. In addition, the IACUC makes recommendations regarding capture, immobilization, anesthetization, handling and treatment of animal research subjects of field studies.

Please follow the links provided on the left to learn more about our committee's policies and practices. College personnel involved in the use of living vertebrate animals are obligated to be familiar with all pertinent regulations and to conform with all applicable rules.