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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Reporting Animal Care Concerns

Any individual may report concerns to the Institutional Official, Vice President for Research (VPR), IACUC Chair, Veterinarian, or any member of the IACUC. By default, the identity of any person reporting a concern will be kept confidential by the individual receiving the report unless the person reporting explicitly states that their name can be shared with the IACUC. Ideally, individuals would identify themselves to allow for follow-up questions should they arise during the review. However, reports may also be made anonymously to the VPR or IACUC chair by a typed or handwritten statement submitted by anonymous campus mail or placed directly in the mailbox of the IACUC chair or VPR. 

Any individual who, in good faith, reports an animal welfare concern will be protected against reprisals.

All reported concerns will be brought to the attention of the full IACUC. If necessary, the IACUC Chair will convene a meeting to discuss, investigate, and address any reported concern.