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Protocol Development Process

Animal Care and Use protocols are to be completed using the most up to date form using the link below. Completed forms should be submitted by the Principal Investigator (PI) to the IACUC Chair.

Upon receipt of a new IACUC submission, a protocol number is assigned. The IACUC Chair performs a pre-review and may return the document to the PI for edits and clarification. A pre-review helps to streamline the committee review process later by ensuring the protocols are complete and clear. If the document is complete, the Chair will forward to the Veterinarian for veterinary review.

If deemed acceptable by the Chair and the Veterinarian, protocols are distributed to the full IACUC for review either by designated member review (DMR) or full committee review (FCR). Following review, a protocol may be recommended for approval, may require modifications to secure approval, or approval may be withheld (in the case of DMR, the reviewer cannot withhold approval but would call for FCR).

Approval can be granted for a maximum of 3 years. If activities will continue beyond the expiration date, prior to expiration of the original or preceding protocol, a new protocol must be submitted. This is treated as a new protocol and as such is reviewed, as described above. The new protocol will not be approved until the investigator has submitted the 3rd annual report for the previous protocol (i.e., the new protocol does not circumvent the requirement for an annual report to be submitted).

Meetings occur at least twice a year, but may occur as often as every 2 months. Submit new protocols 6-8 weeks in advance of meetings to ensure adequate time for review and any revisions. Semi-annual review meetings typically occur in March and September. Other meetings may be scheduled in January, May, July and November

January - if necessary
March - Semi-annual review
May - if necessary
July - if necessary
September - Semi-annual review
November - if necessary