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Campus Conversations: The Podcast

Welcome to ESF's Podcast!

Hosted by ESF President Joanie Mahoney, the podcast features in depth conversations with the people
who are working to address our planet's most pressing issues.

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Campus Conversations: The Podcast is produced by the Digital Storytelling Studio.

Season 5 Episodes

Matt Smith

Re-centering the Library in the College Community

In the final episode of this season, President Mahoney sits down with Matt Smith, Director of College Libraries. Listen in on this conversation as they explore Matt's path to ESF, his dedication to supporting public and affordable higher education, as well as being a rallying force in advocating for ESF, its students, faculty and staff for the visibility and support it deserves within the SUNY system. They also discuss his focus is on re-centering the Moon Library as a student-centric destination and space that also supports the College’s research. 

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Isabel Valentin and Savannah Wright

Influence of Culture on Human Behavior and Climate Change

Join President Mahoney as she sits down with ESF students Isabel Valentin and Savannah Wright. In this conversation, the discussion goes into Isabel's and Savannah's areas of focus, and how they both are interested in evolving current policies around disability (Savannah) and new models around researching marginalized populations in climate impacted areas (Isabel). They also talked about their experiences here at ESF as a student, the power of facts and data and their future plans.

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Dr. Ericka Redmond

A Journey of Paper and Perseverance

In this episode of the podcast, President Joanie Mahoney sits with Dr. Ericka Redmond, a professor of in the Chemical Engineering department with a focus on Paper & Bioprocess Engineering. Dr. Redmond is a new, young professor at ESF who is passionate about the paper industry, her students, and making a positive impact in people’s lives and on campus. In this conversation, they discuss Ericka educational journey, her experience as a Ph.D. Student at ESF, the power of networking, and how making life changing decisions for personal or family reasons can sometimes open doors to other opportunities.

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Paul Hai

Bridging Diversity and STEM in the Adirondacks

Paul is committed to education and outreach – and making sure that diversity, equity, and inclusion are infused into both. He has spent two decades working to make STEM more accessible, and we’ll hear how and why he sees informal science education and experiential learning as cornerstones to making that happen.

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Danushi Fernando

Advocating for Diversity in STEM

Join us as President Mahoney speaks with Danushi Fernando, ESF’s Chief Diversity Officer. Danushi has more than a decade of experience working at higher education institutions as a champion for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity – and her passion is contagious. Appointed to her role at ESF in May 2023, Danushi has big ideas to help create a welcoming and inclusive community at ESF. In this episode, they discuss what brought Danushi into this field, the importance of sharing experiences to better understand the importance of diversity, inclusion, and equity as well as her ideas to help create a welcoming and inclusive community at ESF.

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Benette Whitmore

Making Environmental Messages Stick

In addition to her role teaching at ESF, Dr. Benette Whitmore works to reach the next generation of environmental champions through storytelling. In this episode, she shares her experiences using books and a podcast as effective ways to make messages resonate.

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