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Campus Conversations: The Podcast

Welcome to ESF's Podcast!

Hosted by ESF President Joanie Mahoney, the podcast features in depth conversations with the people who are working to address our planet's most pressing issues.

Campus Conversations: The Podcast is produced by the Digital Storytelling Studio.

Season 3 Episodes


The Hidden Power of Uncertainty

Are you afraid to admit what you don’t know? Dr. Ruth Yanai argues you can’t learn new things if you're unwilling to embrace uncertainty. On Episode 7 of Campus Conversations: The Podcast, President Mahoney chatted with Dr. Yanai about how she approaches uncertainty in her research on forest nutrient budgets and carbon finance for climate mitigation.

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Compost Systems and Contamination

Did you know that you can't recycle an egg carton? Finding the next best use for non-recyclable paper products as new materials is the focus of Doug Daley, an ESF Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Resources Engineering. On this episode of Campus Conversations: The Podcast, President Mahoney sat down with Professor Daley to discuss his research and the strides they are making to divert materials from landfills, protect our water resources, and restore our environment.

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