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Campus Conversations: The Podcast

Welcome to ESF's Podcast!

Hosted by ESF President Joanie Mahoney, the podcast features in depth conversations with the people who are working to address our planet's most pressing issues.

Campus Conversations: The Podcast is produced by the Digital Storytelling Studio.

Season 1 Episodes


Dr. Vanessa Rojas 

Assistant Professor, Ranger School

A first-generation college student from Flint, Mich., Dr. Vanessa Rojas found education to be her path out of poverty. Her determination led her to building an impressive career studying bats, from caves to the Adirondack forests.

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Stacy McNulty

Associate Director of Research, Adirondack Ecological Center

After living in an urban setting, Stacy McNulty jumped ship and returned to ESF’s Newcomb campus in the heart of the Adirondacks to pursue her passion for science, research, and education.

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