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My name is XXX, and I am a senior in Biotechnology at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry. I noticed your name on papers with Dr. Bucklin, Dr. Kiss, and Dr. Correll, who I also considered doing research with. I am really passionate about astrobiology and would love to be able to pursue research in the topic for my graduate studies. While many of these papers feature plants, I am also well-versed in what seems to be more your area of research; I have taken Fungal Ecology, Mycology, and the Biology of Lichens.

I would love to in some way incorporate microscopy into my  Master’s thesis. I am familiar with fluorescent microscopy as well  as scanning electron microscopy and am learning about transmission this semester. I would love to introduce those skills or other microscopy techniques to the research your lab does; therefore, I wanted to inquire if you have a position open in your lab for the upcoming fall. As director of the Center for Advanced Microscopy and Imaging I was not sure if you take on graduate students. If you do, I would ask if you would consider me. Your experience with microscopy is very exciting to me as I would love to expand my knowledge on an array of instruments. I understand the encouraged deadline is passed but I would still like to try to apply if you are also interested in advising me. If you cannot take on any students, I would really appreciate if maybe you could give me the names of some faculty members that are looking for a budding microscopist (this doesn’t need to be limited to Miami University). I understand you are likely busy during the semester so thank you for sparing some time to read this.

I have attached my CV if you are interested in discussing possibilities.

Thanks for your consideration,


SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry I Class of 2018 Undergraduate in Biotechnology I Minor in Microscopy Centennial Hall Resident Assistant