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Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry


In pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, students will first build a strong foundation in general chemistry, general biology, physical, and organic chemistry prior to choosing directed and professional electives that will allow them the flexibility to pursue topics that will be relevant to their future career tracks as biochemists, instructors or health professionals.

The BS in Biochemistry differs from the option in Biochemistry (with a BS in Chemistry) by requiring fewer junior-level Chemistry courses. This allows students to take Biochemistry courses earlier in their studies. The BS in Biochemistry also requires coursework in Biology that is not required of Chemistry majors.

Research areas include the elucidation of chemical signals by which organisms communicate with each other, the role of trace metals in the growth of microorganisms, the origin and function of biologically active natural compounds, and synthetic biology and metabolic engineering for the production of value-added products and antimicrobial compounds.

ESF's chemistry courses and programs of study are aimed at preparing the scientists of the future. This biochemistry and natural products option provides particularly good training for students aiming for professional degrees in biomedical fields or careers in biotechnology, forensics, and biomedical sciences.

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