FCH 797    (Spring 2018 - ONLY)

Graduate Seminar in Environmental Chemistry and Biochemistry

Theodore Dibble (x6596)

Syllabus and Schedule Revised Jan. 25, 2018

    Homework assignments for Jan. 26 and March 2

Thoughts on Designing and Giving Good Presentations

Basis of grading talks in this class
Advice on Giving Scientific Talks   -  Follow this advice or fail!
Follow-up Advice on Giving Scientific Talks   -  Explaining why you should follow the advice above (other than grades)
How To Conquer Public Speaking Fear
If the Gettysburg address were done on Powerpoint... - Funny if you remember any of the original
YouTube video on bad Powerpoint - Hilarious
When not to use Powerpoint?
Edward Tufte - the guru of presenting information and designing graphics. Look at his books (available at Moon and at SU Libraries)!
How to Give a Talk
Some Lecturing Heuristics

Major Recent Scandals/Retractions/Errors

Arsenic-based life.
Stimulus-triggered acquisition of pluripotency In which the authors failed to listen to the referees at least twice ( Science in August 2012 and Nature in April 2013). Unfortunately, the editors at Nature appeared to over-rule the referees. See also post-publication peer review on PubPeer
Sames-Sezen - research fraud at a top US Chemistry Department lead to six retractions
How a research group leader might avoid teaching the scientific method
Stripey Nanoparticles from a major skeptic's point of view.
How the sugar industry shifted the blame for obesity from sugar to fat -leading to decades of poor health advice.
Most Published Research Findings are False - for most research designs and for most fields. Famous paper by J. P. A. Ioannidis.

Resources for reporting and identifying papers that have been retracted (or maybe should be).
PubPeer.com - look up papers or start the discussion on a paper
RetractionWatch.com - Reports on retractions and related events.

Thoughts on Success in Graduate School

How to be a good graduate student - by Marie DesJardins at Indiana University
So long, and thanks for the Ph.D.! - Irreverent but good advice for prospective or novice graduate students in (computer) science
Intellectual Growth of Graduate Students - Some thoughts by T. S. Dibble

      Graduate research : a guide for students in the sciences - by Robert V. Smith. Location: Sci/Tech Lib Q180.55.M4 S58 1990. Look for the 1998 edition!
      The Ph.D. process : a student's guide to graduate school in the sciences- by Dale F. Bloom, Location: Sci/Tech Lib Q181 .B5574 1998
....and many others!

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