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FCH 361 - Physical Chemistry II


  • JPL Data Evaluation #19 - Chemical Kinetics and Photchemical Data for Use in Atmospheric Studies 
  • Kintecus -an easy-to-learn way to simulate kinetics in well-mixed systems

Quantum Mechanics


  • Syllabus - The most valuable information may not be in the text or your notes!
  • Schedules with assignments corresponding to the Eight Edition and Ninth Edition of the textbook.
  • Additional Information - Learning resources and links to useful information
  • Homework - Exercises and graded Problems.

Additional Information

General Links and Resources


  •  JPL Data Evaluation #19 - Chemical Kinetics and Photchemical Data for Use in Atmospheric Studies
  •  Consecutive Reactions worksheet and Consecutive Reactions pdf file  - PDF file showing variants of Figure on concentrations versus time for consecutive elementary reactions for three ratios of ka/kb and with ka fixed at 103 s-1.  This is for the reaction scheme with the elementary reactions:
                            A -> I     with rate constant kA
                            I -> Products    with rate constant kB
  •  Steady State Approximation for H2 + Br2 Reaction  - PDF file which justifies the very strange rate law for the H2 + Br2 reaction.
  • Concentration versus time for 4 scenaries of the system A = B -> C - Using Kintecus. Created by TSD.

Quantum Mechanics


  • Homework#1: Do the Exercises to prepare you for the graded Problems. Ansers to Exercises are usually posted to Blackboard about the same time as the Exercises appear here. You will need the following Excel file.
  • Homework#2
  • Homework#3: Revised February 14, 2020
  • Homework#4
  • Homework#5: Revised Thursday, March 12 at 3:30 p.m.
  • Homework#6
  • Homework#7
  • Homework#8: You will need this Excel file