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Division of Sustainable Facilities & Operations
Garage and Transportation

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday from 6:00am-2:30pm

The Facilities Operations & Services unit maintains a fleet of vehicles that are available for use by College employees for College related purposes. The Garage services a motor pool (available to campus employees) of more than 50 vehicles and a maintenance fleet (for use by Facilities and Operations & Services staff only) of nearly 30 vehicles. Garage staff service a wide variety of vehicles and equipment, including electric gem cars, hybrid vehicles, trucks, boats and backhoes. The garage is located in the lower level of the Physical Plant. 

Vehicle Reservation Process

Please follow the following steps to reserve a vehicle:

  1. Ensure that the driver has a valid license and has been approved through the NYS DMV’s License Event Notification Services (LENS) program. This approval may be obtained via our University Police Department’s Request for Check of Driving Record Form.  This only needs to be done once. 
  2. Ensure that the driver has submitted their first and last name, college affiliation, email and phone number to so that they can be added to the College's Fleetio system. This only needs to be done once.
  3. Complete the online Vehicle Reservation Request Form
  4. Monitor your email for instructions from 
  5. Pick up vehicle packet from Physical Plant reception desk (second floor) on day of reservation. 
  6. Write starting odometer reading on the Vehicle Information sheet included in the vehicle packet
  7. Track purchases of oil, gas, or repairs (keep receipts) and take note of any mechanical difficulties during your trip. Add this information to the Vehicle Information sheet.
  8. Upon return, park vehicle in the Standart Parking Lot and write ending odometer reading on the Vehicle Information sheet. Remove all debris from vehicle.
  9. Place keys and gas/repair receipts in the provided vehicle packet and return to the Facilities Department (reception desk located on second floor). After hours, on weekends and on Holidays, place packet in the box located in the upstairs Facilities Department foyer.

If a vehicle request is cancelled within 24 hours' notice, the reserving Department will still be charged the daily vehicle fee.

Driver, Passenger, Cost and Parking Information

Drivers and authorized passengers are permitted in College-owned vehicles. Drivers must be ESF employees.

ESF student employees are not permitted to drive minivans or vans, unless the following conditions are met:

  • It is not feasible to use another driver
  • A designated campus staff person appoints each student driver, and
  • A staff member is able to accompany the transport of students, for the approved purpose 

Authorized passengers include: employees, students, researchers, Research Foundation employees, and approved volunteers.

Any request for a passenger not specified above must be approved by the Facilities Department and the Executive Operating Officer. 

Any vehicle not picked up within one hour of the scheduled time will be released for other use, unless the Garage is notified. 

Overnight parking on campus (related to vehicle reservations) requires a special permit and prior approval by the Facilities Department. 

The cost to use a College vehicle is $10 per day and $.40 per mile.

Smoking is not permitted in State vehicles.

If you have to fill a vehicle's gas tank while on your way back to campus, please only add enough fuel to get you back to campus! It is more cost effective for Garage staff to refill vehicles using our on campus dispenser. 

In case of breakdown or accident: During normal business hours, call the Facilities Department Office at 315-470-6589. After normal business hours, call UPD at 315-470-6666. A vehicle accident form and notice of self-insurance are included in the vehicle packet.

Bus Reservations

The Facilities department can help make bus reservations with private companies, please fill out this form. Please email it to, we kindly ask that you make bus reservations with as much notice as possible.