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Division of Sustainable Facilities & Operations

Information below pertains to the Syracuse campus. For information about custodial services at the College's Regional Properties please contact Diana Jaramilo Keane.

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday from 5:00am-3:30pm

The Custodial office is located in the south eastern portion of campus, near P13/14 (between Walters Hall and Oakwood Cemetery). The Custodial Division manages daily cleaning of campus buildings. Staff also collect office and corridor trash, recycling and compost, following the process and schedule outlined below. 

Path to Zero Waste

Custodial staff collect trash and recycling from offices once a week (on Wednesdays). Building occupants that require higher levels of service are welcome to bring their trash and recycling to corridor trash/recycling/compost bins. These stations are located on every floor, in every building. Building occupants should always bring their compostable materials to these corridor stations.

Active engagement from the entire campus community is needed to achieve success along our Path to Zero Waste. You can be part of the movement and help our custodial staff by being conscious of what you bring to campus and by properly sorting materials into trash, recycling and compost bins. ESF has set zero waste goals and reports on our progress annually. Explore our Sustainability Division for more information about a variety of sustainability initiatives.

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Cardboard
  • Cans
  • Glass jars & bottles
  • Plastic bottles & jugs
  • Milk & juice cartons
  • Stackable plastic dairy tubs

Scroll to the bottom of this page for instructions for recycling specialized items (ex: batteries, shredded paper, ink & toner etc)

  • Vegetables
  • Pasta & bread
  • Fruit
  • Meat & fish
  • Tea bags & coffee grounds
  • Paper towels
  • Most Trailhead items:
    • All to go containers (except triangle shaped)
    • Forks, knives & spoons
    • All soup cups
    • All drink cups (except cold cups as of Fall 2021 semester) and all lids
    • Napkins
    • Condiment containers
    • Coffee sleeves
    • Stirrers & straws

Items beyond this list are compostable only if they are BPI certified. If you don't know if an item is BPI certified, please place it in the trash

  • Styrofoam
  • Wrappers
  • Chip & snack bags
  • Plastic and coated (shiny) paper plates & cups
  • Plastics (see recycling flyer for exceptions)
  • Non -compostable Trailhead items
    • Triangle shaped containers
    • Wrap paper
    • Fry containers 

Cleaning Priorities and Specifications

The information below details cleaning prioritizations and specifications. They document areas that are the custodial staff’s responsibility to maintain and also detail spaces that are the responsibility of building occupants.


Green Cleaning Policy

The Custodial Division adheres to the guidelines set forth in the College’s Green Cleaning Policy. The Green Cleaning Policy states that 75% of cleaning products used on campus (by cost) should meet third-party verified green cleaning standards. The Policy also has links to these standards and provides a list of approved cleaning products. Building occupants should take care to use products included on this approved list. The Custodial Division provides green cleaning products to departmental offices and other building occupants, upon request. Product use beyond this approved list is discouraged, but can be done with prior approval by the Facilities Department. Contact Sue Fassler for more information. 

Green Cleaning Policy


Work Orders

Please submit a Work Order if you would like Custodial staff to deep clean a specific area or to take an extra pass through a space before an event.

Does your office need a deep clean? Is a space on campus too hot or cold? Do you have surplus equipment or furniture? Do you need furniture moved? Work Orders are here to help!

All specific work requests (non-emergency) should be submitted to the Facilities Department through Maintenance Direct. Please follow the process outlined below to submit a Work Order and be sure to obtain appropriate departmental approval before requesting work, such as office moves, painting etc.

  1. Visit the ESF Work Order homepage
  2. If you have never submitted a Work Order, create a new user account using your ESF name and password
  3. If you have submitted a Work Order in the past, log in with your ESF email and password
  4. Fill in the online form. Be sure to add a detailed description so we know how to best help you!
  5. Important! The submittal password is Oakie with a capital “O”.

Please keep in mind that cabinets, bookshelves and fridges/freezers must be clear of debris before they are cleaned by custodial staff or moved by grounds staff. Contact Rustan Petrela, Executive Director of Operations,  with questions or comments about the Work Order system ( or ext. 6940).