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Great Lakes Research Consortium
SUNY Brockport Lake Ontario Natural Resources Center

SUNY Brockport is a center of excellence for Great Lakes Research. It is a base for scientific research on Lake Ontario for students and faculty of the Great Lakes Research Consortium which will embrace the Arts, Humanities and Outreach to the community, as well as the Sciences. The facility will house scientific labs, art studio, natural history and art exhibits, conference rooms, and boat facilities. Discussions with New York State Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation are underway to site the Center at Hamlin Beach State Park.

Current Research

  • $8 million in funding by EPA, USDA, Sea Grant, NSF, Great Lakes Protection Fund.
  • Three decades of research supporting the Lake Ontario Sport Fishery.
  • “North Coast” Initiative: Research and efforts to reduce non-point source pollution
    along the South Shore of Lake Ontario or the “North” Coast.

The Great Lakes Institute

A collaboration for the future with Buffalo State College and the University at Buffalo with sites on Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

The Vision

Ten miles north of SUNY Brockport lies Lake Ontario–a national treasure, and one of the greatest lakes in the world. We propose creating a unique facility, one that uses the natural environment of the Great Lakes basin as a frame work for scientific, artistic, and educational purposes. The “Center” will enhance environmental research and education in areas that include the arts, humanities, sciences and applied fields related to recreation and leisure. In short, the “Center” will facilitate research associated with the Great Lakes and surrounding environments and promote community and business partnerships. The “Center” would be a place that supports artistic creativity, scientific pursuit, and the environmental education of the larger community.

Dr. Joseph C. Makarewicz
Department of Environmental Science and Biology
Lennon Hall
SUNY Brockport
Brockport, NY 14420
Phone: 585-395-5747