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Great Lakes Research Consortium
Lake Ontario Research Center at SUNY Oswego

The Lake Ontario Research Center at Oswego (LORCO) will be a multi-disciplinary, consortium-based project involving several institutions. The primary focus of the LORCO will be to provide advanced analytical and remote sensing capabilities to the researchers of the 16 Great Lakes Research Consortium (GLRC) member institutions as well as strengthen outreach activities in environmental and energy education. The LORCO will be dedicated to research, education, and economic/workforce development.

The Lake Ontario Research Center at Oswego will

  • Continue the Center for Neurobehavioral Effects of Environmental Toxics (CNEET) research on cognitive and behavioral effects of exposure to persistent toxic chemicals found in the Lake Ontario watershed region
  • Expand the Environmental Research Center (ERC) environmental/ecological research studies and provide training in environmental sciences with particular emphasis on Lake Ontario.
  • Establish and maintain analytical facilities to identify, quantify and track trace quantities and sources of organic and inorganic compounds discharged to Lake Ontario and its tributaries thereby contributing to the protection of Great Lakes resources. This research could also focus on issues related to national security concerns.

The LORCO also builds on a public-private partnership between SUNY Oswego, Operation Oswego County/County of Oswego Industrial Development Agency, General Electric, UPC Wind Management, LLC, and the Port of Oswego.

The Lake Ontario Research Center at Oswego will also

  • Engage in energy related research and education in areas that pertain to the Great Lakes.
  • Expand the Energy Education Institute.
  • Create an incubator environment for companies involved in the renewable energy industry for the Great Lakes, especially wind energy and hydrogen fuel technology. Lessons learned through these technologies will provide important templates for technology transfer to sites throughout the Great Lakes and generate manufacturing business opportunities.

Jack Narayan
Dean of Graduate Studies and Research
SUNY Oswego
602 Culkin Hall
Oswego, NY 13126
Phone: 315-312-3692