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Relevant Links

National Institute of Standards and Technology

  • NIST's definitions and recommendations for handling measurement uncertainty


Biomass and nutrient calculator --

  • David Paré seeks feedback on Natural Resources Canada's web biomass and nutrient calculator. Calculate biomass of branch, bole, stem, and bark as well as their nutrient contents both at the tree scale (biomass only for now) and at the stand scale (based on basal area) with also an approximation of uncertanties for almost any stand in Canada. More details will be available when the paper that is now in press in CJFR  will be published.The nutrient concentration databased compiled from the literature is also available on this site. It contains nearly 13 000 nutrient concentrations values. It could be completed in the future especially for species/components that are data poor.Please try it and give me some feedback.
  • If you do not succeed in getting values, you may need to go to Internet options in your web browser and rate this site as a secure site.

Getting in Shape for the Sport of Data Science --

  • Jeremy Howard's talk to the Melbourne R meetup group, where gave a brief overview of his "data scientist's toolbox" (using a few Kaggle competitions as practical examples), and also provided an introduction to ensembles of decision trees (including the well-known Random Forest™ algorithm). Mark Green reports that "Minute 47 to 50 is the hook."

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, National Greenhouse Gas Inventories Programme:

NOAA's National Climate Data Center

The Predictive Ecosystem Analyzer

Quantification of Uncertainty in Extreme Scale Computations

  • A SciDAC Institute funded by the DOE Office of Science. They also offer a summer school

Silver, Nate. 2012. The signal and the noise: why so many predictions fail-but some don't. The penguin press, NY.

  • The title this popular press book "comes from electrical engineering, where a signal is something that conveys information, while noise is an unwanted, unmeaningful or random addition to the signal."
  • Silver favors a Baysian approach

Statistical Issues in Forest Management --

  • PDF versions of presentations given at the conference "Statistical Issues in Forest Management," May 2-4, 2011.

Uncertain Future --

  • Work from Dr. Keith Beven (Lancaster University) regarding environmental modeling and uncertainty analysis. Includes information on his book, Environmental Modelling: An Uncertain Future?, as well as information on software and a variety of links for information on uncertainty analysis.

International Journal of Uncertainty Quantification-

  • Publisher’s tagline is “Home for Science and EngineeringTM