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Quantifying Uncertainty Estimates and Risk for Carbon Accounting (QUERCA)

  • FCPF. 2021. Guidance Note on estimating the uncertainty of emission reductions using Monte Carlo simulation Version 1.0. Calculating uncertainty of emission reduction using Monte Carlo in Excel: 4 year ultra simple example and R-Code.
  • Kirchner J W 2020 Data analysis toolkit #5: uncertainty analysis and error propagation EnviDat

Stochastic Uncertainty Estimator (SUE)

SUE is a scientific tool to simulate the uncertainty in a given mathematical relationship. It utilizes Monte Carlo methods to simulate repeated samplings from an input distribution. The program was developed by Mark E. Harmon and his colleagues in the early 2000's. With funding from QUEST, Keith Olsen has created a web-based interface for SUE.

PEcAn Project (PEcAn)

The Predictive Ecosystem Analyzer (U Illinois), provided by David LeBauer, Energy Biosciences Institute, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign