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Counseling Center
What to Expect

The Counseling Center offers free, confidential counseling through the Student Health Fee. All counselors are Licensed Mental Health professionals who are able to help with a variety of issues to include, but not limited to, anxiety, depression, adjustment, relationship issues, disordered eating, grief, and sexual assault. The benefits of counseling may include an increased ability to cope with academic pressures and a better understanding of yourself which will ultimately assist you in your own development. 

The process

  1. The first appointment is not a typical counseling session; it is a 45-minute session intended to gather information and determine appropriate next steps. 
  2. You and your counselog will work together to determine your goals and establish an appropriate timeframe for achieving them
  3. Follow up appointments are typically every 2 weeks for 45 minutes. The majority of students will resolve their concerns/improve management of symptoms in 3 - 6 sessions.
  4. At times, a referral to an outside provider may be warranted.

Eligibility and Fees

Students who are enrolled in any of our campuses, including the Ranger School, are able to see our counselors. There is no charge for counseling sessions. The Counseling Center is supported by the Student Health Fee and the College's budget.


Counselors take your confidentiality very seriously. Student counseling files are securely kept and never become part of your academic records.  Your parents/guardians, staff or faculty will not be informed of your participation in counseling.