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Education Abroad

Study Abroad Programs

Students who wish to study off-campus as part of their academic program must obtain ESF approval prior to applying to a program.

ESF Eligibility Requirements

  • ESF undergraduate student who has completed at least 30 credits towards bachelor’s degree; and
  • ESF undergraduate student who has achieved a 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher.

A students who does not meet one of the eligibility requirements, may seek to have the requirement waived by meeting with the Office of International Education.

Study Abroad Approval Process

Students who meet eligibility requirements must complete the Off-Campus Study Request Form, and attach a copy of the course descriptions for proposed courses you will take. All materials must be submitted to the Office of International Education.

As part of your request, you will have to select the courses you intend to take off-campus and consult with your academic advisor to determine how they fit into your ESF academic program.

If your off-campus study request is approved, you may proceed with applying to the desired program. The Coordinator of International Education would be able to sign any application forms requiring a study abroad advisor's signature at this time.

Approved students will receive two additional forms in the approval notification email:

The Data form will require students to meet with the Financial Aid and the Bursar in order to discuss how their off-campus study will impact their ESF student status, financial aid package, and Bursar's bill for the semester(s) off-campus. The Consortium Agreemnt form must be completed and submitted to Financial Aid prior to them completing the Data Form.

The completed Approved Off-Campus Study Data Form and Financial Aid Consortium Agreement Form must be submitted to the Office of International Education prior to the off-campus experience.


  • Participation in an ESF Short-Term Program
    If you will participate in an ESF faculty-led program, please follow the enrollment instructions provided by the course instructor.
  • Participation in a Non-ESF Study Abroad Program
    During the registration period for the semester you will be off-campus, you must register for a major-specific section of a 496 course (e.g., EFB 496) for off-campus study/ study abroad. This must be completed prior to your departure; this action maintains your ESF student status while you are off-campus and as well as your eligibility to receive ESF financial aid as long as you qualify for it and meet the full-time enrollment requirements. Failure to enroll in a 496 course for your off-campus study will result in you being withdrawn from the College and, if you wish to return in the future, you will be required to re-apply for admission.

When you return from studying off-campus, you will have to submit your official transcript from the off-campus program to the Registrar’s Office. The credits for courses in which you achieve a C or higher will then be transferred in (not the grades). The off-campus study experience will appear on your transcript as "Advanced Standing Credit" and the University who the credit was earned through and the number of credits earned will be noted.

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Health Insurance 

If you do not have comprehensive health insurance with medical evacuation and repatriation, you may purchase the SUNY plan serviced by GeoBlue at the Cashier's Office. More information on this health insurance can be found in the Office of International Education, 110 Bray Hall.