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e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

Education Abroad

Study Abroad Programs

ESF students have hundreds of study abroad programs to choose from! Programs vary in length from one week up to a full academic year and are located all over the world, so there is something for everyone! Start to browse programs below, and please reach out to oie@esf.edu with any questions or to start planning your experience abroad.


  • ESF Short-Term Programs
    Travel abroad with an ESF faculty member and your classmates! Most short-term courses are between one to three weeks in length and take place over spring or summer break.
  • ESF Semester Programs
    Study abroad in Germany for a semester with ESF's own exchange program.
  • ESF Partner Programs
    Study abroad for a winter, summer, or semester with one of ESF's recommended study abroad providers. Many of these programs are immersive or field-based opportunities.
  • SUNY & Other Affiliate programs
    Study in almost any country through any other SUNY institution or through another study abroad program provider. Short-term, summer, and semester programs are all available!

Quick Tips

  • Plan Out Your Goals: Before researching programs, think about your goals for study abroad. What type of experience are you hoping to have and what are you most interested in learning? What type of opportunities do you have limited access to in Syracuse and how might you gain those abroad? Use these questions to help guide you to better understand what it is you want out of your international experience and how you might be able to find a program that fits those criteria.
  • Rank Your Search Criteria: In addition to thinking about what is important to you, take some time to recognize what is not important to you. When choosing a study abroad program, it can be easier to find a "perfect" match if you understand what you are willing to compromise. Are financials the most the important piece to you? Specific classes for your major? Perhaps a research topic in a specific field? Rank the things that are most important to you so we can help you find that "perfect" opportunity.
  • Ask Around for Help: You never know where you might find recommendations, advice or input. Ask your classmates, professors, advisors, parents, guardians, coaches, etc. You never know what you might discover. Don't forget to visit OIE as well – we serve as the repository for all of the different opportunities in front of you and can help guide you when you're not sure where to even start.