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ESF Student Lived/Preferred Name Process

At SUNY ESF, we recognize that you might go by a first name that is different from your legal name. To differentiate from legal name, this is sometimes referred to as a lived, chosen, or preferred name. If you go by a lived/preferred name, we encourage you to use the process outlined below to notify the college so that we can update various systems to reflect your name properly.

If you have any questions about this process, please check out the "Frequently Asked Questions" list below and/or reach out to the ESF Lived Name Committee at livedname@esf.edu.

To Submit a Lived/Preferred Name

Step 1:

Log into your myESF Banner portal. Under the "Personal Information" tab, edit your personal details to include a "Preferred First Name". You may also update your personal pronouns and gender identity if desired. Immediately after updating the "Preferred First Name" field in myESF, your legal name will be automatically replaced by your lived/preferred name in the following places:

  • esf.edu email address display name
  • ESF class rosters
  • All myESF Banner system greetings
  • Your myESF Banner profile display name

Step 2:

Fill out this survey for the Lived Name Committee. This survey allows you to indicate any additional systems where you'd like your lived/preferred name to replace your legal name. These additional systems include:

  • Centennial Hall records
  • mySlice
  • BlackBoard
  • SU class rosters
  • syr.edu email display name
  • Student ID card

Step 3:

Simply fill out the survey to specify your preferences.

Important Notes

  • Some institutional, federal, and state documentation requires the use of legal name, for example transcripts, financial aid documentation, the SU student directory, and international student documentation. Information on how to remove your name from the SU student directory is addressed in the FAQs below.
  • If you have granted access to any of the above systems to someone else (parent/family/guardian/other), they will see the same name information that you see.
  • If you request it in the follow-up survey, the Lived Name Committee can notify your academic advisor and current faculty members of your name update.

The ESF Lived/Preferred Name Process is currently under revision as ESF transitions to using the Banner system. We are working to correct issues and to develop new processes to ensure that names appear accurately in all ESF and SU systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why does ESF use the combination term Lived/Preferred Name?

    You may notice that our process uses the combination term "Lived/Preferred Name". This is done in order to remain consistent with language used within the ESF Banner system and SU information systems; we recognize that lived names are not merely a preference. We firmly believe that everyone should be referred to by the name that authentically reflects their identity.

  2. Can I submit a lived/preferred last name?

    Please note that this process allows students to indicate a first name. If you wish to add a last name different from your legal last name, please contact Rebecca Hoda-Kearse, Title IX Coordinator and Affirmative Action Officer, at rahodake@esf.edu.

  3. How do I remove my name from the SU Directory?

    Syracuse University Directory displays only legal name. To prevent disclosure of Directory Information, you must file a Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information form with the Syracuse University Registrar's Office, 106 Steele Hall. Requests may be filed at any time and remain in effect permanently (including after departure from the University) until removed, in writing, by the student.

  4. What can I do if a college community member refuses to use my lived/preferred name or repeatedly neglects to use my lived/preferred name?

    ESF is committed to fostering a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment for the benefit of our entire campus community. You have several options for reporting and/or support in this instance. These include: connecting with the Lived Name Committee (livedname@esf.edu), the Office of Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity (https://www.esf.edu/ide/), a trusted faculty or staff member, or by submitting a bias incident report (either anonymously or with your contact information attached).

Bias Reporting Tool

Bias Incident Reporting Form

No Bias logo

ESF's bias reporting system provides ESF students, staff, and faculty with an avenue to report incidents of bias, bigotry, or hate that occur on our campus or in off-campus settings that impact ESF. Reports may be submitted anonymously or with the reporter's name included. Please note that submitting a report anonymously may impact ESF's ability to fully respond to your concerns. ESF Community members who feel they have been the target of bias (or who have witnessed a bias-related incident) may report the incident online, or contact these Title IX Authorities.