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Adirondack Interpretive Center
Programs and Activities

The AIC is your one-stop source for outstanding learning experiences in the central Adirondacks!

We offer some great opportunities to supplement your Adirondack experience:

  • Huntington Lecture Series
    Join us Thursday nights in July and August for presentations that range in topic from ecology to history to philosophy. (on hiatus for 2021)
  • Artist in Residence Program

    Designed to enrich the experiences of Adirondack Park residents and visitors and to demonstrate our commitment to conversations and programs that bridge science and the arts.

  • Mud Season Movies 

    A free film series sponsored by the Adirondack Park Institute. Films are shown Saturdays in April at 1:30pm in the Multipurpose Room at the Interpretive Center.

    By identifying and analyzing an animal's scat for DNA and hormones, Australian ecologist Scott Burnett discovers essential details of its behavior, how it fits in the ecosystem, and even how to protect it, all without needing to trap or disturb it.

    Dive deep into the woods to explore the lives of a unique avian family. Woodpeckers come in 239 species, each one a colorful character with a story of its own. But all woodpeckers share some very special gifts - they are acutely adapted to life in the trees and are experts at working with wood.

    Butterflies are perhaps  the world's most beloved insects. But beneath their colorful charm, there's a wealth of hidden scientific secrets that show butterflies to be smarter and more resilient than we ever imagined.

    Celebrate Earth Day watching this film that chronicles the famed biologist work with ants that led to his remarkable studies of advanced social behavior in both ants and humans alike, and the controversial foundation of sociobiology.

    This film chronicles the history, precarious present, and optimistic future for one of the United States' most endangered wild cats. Wildlife filmmaker Ben Masters documents these rare and elusive animals in South Texas while meeting with the biologists, the ranchers, and the cats themselves.

AIC Events Calendar

All AIC events are supported by ESF’s Northern Forest Institute (NFI) unless otherwise noted.


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Contact the AIC

5922 State Route 28N
Newcomb, NY 12852

NFI Outreach

Educational programming and nature-based outreach led by the Northern Forest Institute (NFI) includes, but is not limited to, public events at the AIC.

Visit NFI's website for more information on their programs, projects and initiatives, including:

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