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e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

Graduate Study in EFB

  • A Message to Prospective Applicants
    Your decision to enter graduate study is a major step, and you owe it to yourself to do it right. Explained here are the key steps and some tips for applying to the graduate program in the Department of Environmental and Forest Biology. Read More...

The graduate program in environmental and forest biology is organized in areas of study designed to provide a strong background within specific interest areas. Faculty with nationally and internationally recognized expertise define the scope of subject matter within each study area, recommend acceptance of students, and guide them through a course of study appropriate to student goals and aspirations. Most students develop a degree of depth and specialization in at least one large taxonomic group, such as plants, fungi, vertebrates, or insects.

Areas of Study

M.S., M.P.S. or Ph.D. degrees may be earned in several areas:

Additional information on each of these areas of study is available by telephone, email or written request to any of the professors listed. Programs that bridge two or more areas may be developed by the student and steering committee.

Funding Opportunities

In addition to graduate assistantships, various awards are available to graduate students in environmental and forest biology. These include the Alexander Wetlands Award, the Betty Moore Chamberlaine Award, Henrietta and John Simeone Fellowship in Forest Entomology, the Robert L. Burgess Graduate Scholarship in Ecology, the Josiah L. Lowe – Hugh Wilcox Graduate Fellowship, the Leroy C. Stegeman Award, and the Robert Zabel Award. These awards are decided upon by a department committee selection process.

Graduate Awards & News

  • Toby Liss, (Ph.D. student, D. Leopold, mp) has been advised she is this year's recipient of the Philadelphia Botanical Society's Bayard Long Award for $1000.00 to support her doctoral research. Congratulations to Toby. 1/23/18.
  • Hadis Miraly, (PhD student, R.Razavi and K, Limburg, mp) was awarded the Carl Sullivan Travel Award from the International Fisheries Section of the American Fisheries Society. The grant, $500, will help to defray her costs of attending the 6th International Otolith Symposium in Keelung, Taiwan, this April. Congratulations to Hadis! 12/29/17.
  • Teresa Rose Osborne (Ph.D. student, R. Rundell, mp) recently placed 1st at the GSA Presentation Competition on 11/30/17. Congratulations also to Vernon Coffey, (M.S. student, W. Powell, mp) who placed 3rd. 12/1/17.
  • Chellby Kilheffer (Ph.D. student, B. Underwood, mp) recently was awarded an ESF Alumni Association Student Travel Grant to support her travel to the Virginia Sea Grant Graduate Symposium - February 2nd to 8th, 2018 in Glen Allen, VA. Chellby will be reporting on her doctoral dissertation research that was partially supported by her Virginia Sea Grant/NOAA Mid-Atlantic Coastal Storms Graduate Research Fellowship. Congratulations Chellby. 11/27/17.
  • Adam Bleau (M.S. student, J. Cohen and M. Schummer, co-advisors) has recently won second place in the Best Student Poster category at The Wildlife Society annual meeting in Albuquerque, N.M. Congratulations Adam. 10/27/17.
  • Lisanne Petracca (Ph.D. student, J. Frair, mp) recently published one of her dissertation chapters ("Robust inference on large-scale species habitat use with interview data: The status of jaguars outside protected areas in Central America") in the Journal of Applied Ecology to much fanfare. It appears that this paper is EFB's "most read" paper last month on ResearchGate. She also was invited by the journal editor to submit a blog post on the article in "The Applied Ecologist's Blog". Congratulations to Lisanne for publishing this paper in such a prestigious outlet and for the attention her paper has already received. 10/27/17.
  • Teresa Rose Osborne (Ph.D. student, R. Rundell, mp) was just selected as recipient for the 2017 Melbourne R. Carriker Student Research Awards in Malacology for her proposal: "Impacts of microhabitat on land snail body size evolution." The award is for $965.00 This is the latest of numerous College and National Awards earned by Teresa Rose during her Ph.D. program here. Congratulations to Teresa Rose for her ongoing success in her graduate program. 10/13/17.
  • Patty Kaishian (Ph.D. student, A. Weir, mp) recently returned from IX Latin American Mycological Congress (IX Congress Latinoamericano de Micologia) held in Lima, Peru where she presented a poster entitled "New Species of Prolixandromyces (Laboulbeniales) from South America". Her poster was one of eight chosen (out of approximately 200) for "best poster" at the meeting. Congratulations to Patty on receiving this recognition. 9/7/17.
  • Dr. Sara Turner (Ph.D. graduate, K. Limburg, mp) has just won the American Fisheries Society's Emerging Leaders Award at AFS's annual national meeting, this year in Tampa, FL. Sara was selected as an early career professional who the AFS has identified as someone who will be an important leader within the society in the future. 8/23/17.
  • Teresa Rose Osborne (Ph.D. student, R. Rundell, mp) was just awarded a highly competitive $5,000.00 grant from the Lewis and Clark Fund for Exploration and Field Research (American Philosophical Society; https://www.amphilsoc.org/grants/lewis and clark). This grant will support Rose's research on the evolution of body size in Belau land snails. Congratulations to Rose for this national distinction! 5/25/17.
  • Dr. Allison Oakes - post-doc with Dr. Bill Powell on the American Chestnut was recognized as at AT&T STEM Women of the Year for her Chestnut Revitalization Project and expertise in genetically engineered horticulture that helps solve problems associated with the environment. She was nominated by the Partners for Education & Business, Inc. in Syracuse, NY. Allison was also noted as a champion of promoting her projects through community outreach and involvement with schools/students. Allison will be formally recognized at an awards event on June 7th. 5/24/17.
  • Joanna Isadora Lumbsden-Pinto (M.S. student - J. Gibbs, mp) has been awarded the ESF Tropical Social Forestry Scholarship. This scholarship, $2000.00 this year, provides support to ESF graduate students who are working in research or service projects focusing on the use and management of tropical and subtropical forests, forest ecosystems, and associated natural resources for the benefit of local people and their communities. Joanna's successful proposal is for forest restoration monitoring work in the Azuero peninsula of Panama. 5/16/17.
  • Tomasz Falkowski (Ph.D. student - S. Diemont, mp) has been selected to receive the Bristol-Myers Squibb Sustainability Fellowship to work with the Lacandon Maya of Chiapas, Mexico, to develop an agroforestry plan for the Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve, the topic of his dissertation. Tomasz will receive a $15,000.00 stipend to help fund his final year of Ph.D. study. 5/16/17.
  • Toby Liss (Ph.D. student - D. Leopold, mp) received notification of being named the 2017 Paula Sculley Scholar from the Garden Club of Allegheny County for her doctoral plant-focused research. 5/8/17.
  • Alison Kocek (Ph.D. student - J. Cohen, mp) has been selected for the Roy W. Glahn Memorial Scholarship award. She will receive a check for $750.00 to support her doctoral research on marsh species. 4/5/17.
  • 2017 Sussman Awards were presented to the following students: Mariano Arias (M. Dovciak), Maureen Durkin (J. Cohen), Megan Gallagher (S. Farrell), Aimee Hudon (T. Horton), Colin Mettey (G. McGee), Jim Molloy (D. Leopold), Alex Petzke (D. Leopold), Brian Radcliffe (M. Collins/R. Kimmerer) and Yang Yang (R. Yanai/D. Parry). MP's. and co-mp's are in parenthese. Each student will be awarded the full $7350.00 for their summer internships. 3/28/17.
  • Tomasz Falkowski (Ph.D. student - S. Diemont, mp) has been awarded the 2017 Garden Club of America's Fellowship in Ecological Restoration for his doctoral research. The award for this national competition this year is $8000.00. Tomasz's research is "Assessing the Potential of Lacandon Maya Agroforestry for Ecosystem Service Restoration in the Lacandon Rainforest of Chiapas, Mexico." 3/21/17.
  • Toby Liss (Ph.D. student - D. Leopold, mp) was awarded The Botany in Action Fellowship at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Pittsburgh, PA. This fellowship program is intended to support emerging plant-focused scientists through research grants and science communication training. The award of $5000.00 was based on Toby's winning proposal titled: The Role of Plant Assemblage Diversity in Evaportranspiration: A Novel Application to Enhance Green Roof Function. 3/20/17.
  • Colin Mettey (M.S. student - Gregory McGee, mp) was awarded $1000.00 by the ESF Alumni Association to support his research thesis. 12/1/16.
  • Theresa Rose Osborne (PhD student - Rebecca Rundell, mp) was awarded a $500.00 ESF Alumni Association grant to help support her doctoral research. 11/30/16.
  • Leah Nagel (M.S. student - J. Gibbs, mp) Is one of five recipients this year for The Garden Club of America Fellowship in Ecological Restoration. Leah is working with the NY Natural Heritage Program and NYS DEC to develop rapid-assessment protocols to assess vernal pool quality in natural and restored systems. This work will help to evaluate the effectiveness of wetland mitigation efforts and prioritize vernal pools for conservation. The fellowship is $8000. 11/1/16.
  • Teresa Rose Osborne (PhD student - Rebecca Rundell, mp) was awarded Best Speed Talk at the American Museum of Natural History Student Conference in Conservation Science (New York City 2016) for her work on land snail habitat selection and physiology. 10/24/16.
  • Giuseppe Tumminello (M.S student - Melissa Fierke, Tim Volk, co-mps) won second place for his oral presentation (Agricultural and Forest Entomology: Pollinators" session) on Pollinators on Willows at the International Congress of Entomology held recently in Orlando FL in October. There were 30+ in attendance at the session and over 6000 people at the meeting. 10/17/16.
  • Sam Peterson (MS student - J. Frair, mp) has received a $2000 grant from the American Wildlife Conservation Foundation for his study entitled “Assessing habitat quality to estimate carrying capacity of moose in the Adirondack Park.” 9/15/16.
  • Melvin Samson, (PhD student - K. Limburg, mp), was awarded the Best Student Poster by the Water Quality Section of the American Fisheries Society yesterday during the 146th annual meeting of the American Fisheries Society in Kansas City. Melvin's poster is titled, "Tracking Hypoxia Exposure in Yellow Perch with Otolith Chemistry: Spatial Variation in Lake Erie." Karin was his co-author. 8/24/16.
  • Michelle Peach, (PhD student - J. Cohen/J. Frair co-mps), recently won the Cooper Ornithological Society Board of Directors Student Paper Award for her presentation at the North American Ornithological Conference held last week in Washington, DC. This conference, held every four years, had 2,000 in attendance with 14 concurrent sessions. Michelle’s talk was entitled, “Single-visit dynamic occupancy models: An approach to account for imperfect detection with Atlas data”. 8/24/16.
  • Andy Newhouse, (PhD student. W. Powell, mp), recently won the best poster award at the joint Schatz Tree Genetics Colloquium and annual meeting of The American Chestnut Foundation. The title of his presentation was "Blight resistant transgenic American chestnut: On the starting blocks for government regulatory hurdles." 11/03/15.
  • Amanda Pachomski (MS student, McNulty, mp) won a $500 Graduate Travel Award from the Spatial Ecology & Telemetry Working Group to attend the 2015 Wildlife Science conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba in October. Her application to present her research on Rusty Blackbirds was ranked "outstanding". She will author an article for the working group's newsletter. 9/16/15.
  • Chris Nack (Ph.D student - K. Limburg, mp - ) has been awarded The Hudson River Foundation's $16,000 Mark Bain Graduate Fellowship, for his proposal “Evaluating the impacts of large storm events on the early life stages of American shad”.This award adds to Chris' recent success in obtaining a WRI grant ($10 K) for his dissertation research. As a MS student, also under Karin's direction, Chris received $40 K from NOAA, and with Karin received $110 K from Riverkeeper and the DEC's Hudson River Estuary Program. 6/16/15.
  • C.J. Robinson (MS student) was awarded a Theodore Gordon Flyfishers Founders Fund scholarship for $3,500 from the Hudson River Environmental Consortium of Colleges & Universities. CJ's project is titled "Role of Recreation in the Distribution and Prevalence of Amphibian Chytrid Fungus (Bd) in Adirondack Mountains of New York." He'll present his work at the consortium's fall meeting. The scholarship is offered to a single recipient who has demonstrated excellence and outstanding dedication in an area of study that falls within an environmental field of a school or department. 6/1/2015.
  • Jesse Czekanski-Moir (PhD student) has been accepted into the MBL Woods Hole Molecular Evolution Workshop for this summer, the premiere program of its kind in the world. Jesse has also been offered the opportunity to train in a genomics lab this coming Fall semester in genomics and bioinformatics techniques in the Department of Ecology and Evolution at University of Arizona in Tucson. 5/2015.
  • Camille Warner (PhD student) has been given a $1000 Student Grant Award from the Society of Wetland Scientists. This funding will be used for a portion of Camille’s doctoral research, Harnessing the Interaction of Plants and Bacteria in Wetland Systems to Remediate Trichloroethylene Contaminated Groundwater. 5/2015.
  • Chellby Kilheffer (PhD student) was awarded $2000 from the American Wildlife Conservation Foundation for her study of deer and Hurricane Sandy impacts to beach vegetation recovery on Fire Island National Seashore. 5/2015.
  • Grete Bader (MS student) was awarded $500 from the NYS Wetlands Forum and $2000 from the American Orchid Society to help cover her thesis research expenses. She is studying a significant population of numerous species of terrestrial orchids on the Benson mine tailings near Star Lake. 4/2015.
  • Geoff Griffiths (PhD student) was awarded the Garden Club of America (GCA) 2015 Fellowship in Ecological Restoration for his doctoral research "Engaging citizen scientists in restoration of understory vascular plant and pollinator assemblages. This nationally-competitive fellowship includes a check for $8000.00. 3/2015.
  • Amanda Cheeseman (PhD student) received a $550.00 travel grant from the World Lagomorph Society to assist her in attending the International Wildlife Management Congress in Sapporo, Japan, where she will present her invited talk. This is part of a symposium on lagomorph ecology. 3/2015.
  • Melissa Althouse (MS student) was accepted for her oral presentation and received a travel award of $200 from the Waterbird Society Annual Conference in La Paz, Mexico in November 2014. 9/2014.
  • Allison Kocek (MS student) was accepted for her oral presentation and received a travel award of $200 from the Waterbird Society Annual Conference in La Paz, Mexico in November 2014. 9/2014.
  • Maureen Durkin (PhD student) was accepted for her oral presentation and received a travel award of $250 from the Waterbird Society Annual Conference in La Paz, Mexico in November 2014. 9/2014.
  • Michelle Stantial (MS student) was accepted for her oral presentation and received a travel award of $200 from the Waterbird Society Annual Conference in La Paz, Mexico in November 2014. 9/2014.
  • Tom Evans (PhD student) was awarded a Mark B. Bain Graduate Fellowship by the Hudson River Foundation. His proposal titled "Understanding Ammocoete Movement and Population Ecology" won him this prestigious fellowship of a $15000.00 stipend and $1000.00 worth of expenses. 8/2014.
  • Dan Gurdak (PhD student) was awarded an EPA STAR Fellowship. He has been working on the conservation of the giant arapaima in the Amazon. 8/2014.
  • Grete Bader (MS Student) received $500.00 from the Phi Kappa Honor Society to use toward soil analyses for her M.S. thesis research, "Plant functional traits and mycorrhizal interactions along a stress gradient on iron mine tailings in Star Lake, NY" 7/2014.
  • Andrea Thomen (MS Student) was awarded a scholarship of $2578.00 from the Smithsonian Mason School of Conservation toward attendance of their course, "The Ecology and Conservation of Migratory Birds", starting in September, 2014. 7/2014.
  • Katrina Alger (MS Student) is the recipient of the Donald H. Rusch Memorial Game Bird Research Scholarship - $2000, for her work on wild turkey disease "Diagnosis and Surveillance of Lymphoproliferative Disease Virus (LPDV) in Wild Turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo) in New York State". 6/2014.
  • Kristen Haynes, (PhD Student) who in collaboration with the Beyond Ktaadn, Inc.organization will receive $5000 from the ADK Highpeaks Foundation for her dissertation research to examine the conservation genetics of the federally-listed Boots rattlesnake root in the alpine of the Northeast. 6/2014.
  • Amanda Cheeseman (MS Student) was awarded Best Poster at the American Society of Mammalogists meeting for her poster, "Survival and home range of New England cottontail (Sylvilagus transitionalis) in response to hunting, competition and habitate composition." 6/2014.
  • Tess Youker (MS Student) was awarded a research grant from the ESF Graduate Student Association. 5/2014.
  • Amanda Pachomski (MP Student) was awarded a research grant from the ESF Graduate Student Association. 5/2014.
  • Chris Foelker (MP Student) has his presentation recognized at the annual Entomological Society Meeting in Austin, TX. Chris received 1st place among students for his oral presentation: Spatial colonization patterns of the European woodwasp, Sirex noctillo, at a pine plantation in the Adirondacks - (Foelker, Parry, Whipps, Fierke). This meeting is attended by 3000 entomologists from around the country as well as internationally. 11/2013.
  • Georgia Keene (MP Student) received 2nd place for her poster at the annual Entomological Society Meeting in Austin, TX. : Spatial ecology, phenology and dispersal of the threatened barrens buck moth, Hemileuca maia (Drury), in a fragmented pine-oak barren - (Keen, Parry, Underwood and Gifford). This meeting is attended by 3000 entomologists from around the country as well as internationally. 11/2013.
  • Andrea Thomen (MS Student) has been awarded $1500 by the Neotropical Bird Club to pursue her project, "Evaluating avian assemblages in Dominican cacao farms: Implications for management and conservation". 11/2013.
  • Becky Fuda (PhD Student) has been awarded $400 by Idea Wild towards research costs on her project, "Large Carnivore Conservation in Murchison Falls Conservation Area, Uganda: Assessing Human Impacts and Attitudes". 11/2013.
  • Jon Cale (PhD student) won the award for the best graduate student presentation at the 73rd annual meeting of the Northeastern Division of the American Phytopathological Society on October 24th, 2013; his oral presentation was "A proposed new model for beech bark disease development in aftermath forests". This prize included $1000 award to attend the next national meeting of the parent society in Minneapolis - Summer 2014, a beautiful wooden plaque and a free subscription to one of the society's journals. 10/2013.
    • Jill Mandel (MS student) was awarded a $600 grant from the Sigma Xi Grant-in-Aid of Research program for her research "A historical survey of the chemical ecology of great blue herons (Ardea herodias) in the northeastern United States." 4/2013.

    • Stephanie Smith (MPS student) received a Rosen Fellowship that will grant her the opportunity to conduct a medical ethnobotany study in Panama.  Specifically Stephanie will be conducting research with women from the Ngobe and the Guna tribes of Panama, exploring indigenous health systems from a female perspective in an attempt to conserve and preserve local customs, while transcending gender bias in research.  4/2013.

    • Michelle Avis (MS student) was awarded the Frances M. Peacock Scholarship from the Garden Club of America for her proposal, “Automated Telemetry for Tracking Breeding Piping Plovers.” 4/2013.

    • Derek Crane (PhD student) received notification from the Niagara Greenway Ecological Standing Committee that his proposal, “Quantifying relationships between fish assemblages and nearshore habitat characteristics of the Niagara River,” co-written with EFB Adjunct Faculty Dr. Kevin Kapuscinski, will be funded for $801,436. 3/2013.
    • Patrick Raney (PhD student) received a $1200 award from the A.V. Stout Fund administered by The Norcross Wildlife Foundation. This award is to be used to help support the portion of Patrick’s dissertation research that is examining stands of balsam fir and eastern white pine in fens relative to climate change. 3/2013.
    • Elaina Burns (MS student) was recently awarded $5000 for her research on translocating otters in the Finger Lakes region, through SUNY Potsdam’s Walker Fellowship Program. 3/2013.
    • Silvia Saldivar Bellassai (MS student) received a conservation grant ($1000) from the Sequoia Park Zoo in support of her upcoming field research on the Chacoan peccary in Paraguay. 3/2013.
    • Michelle Avis (MS student) was awarded a $1,500 equipment grant for her proposal “Automated Telemetry for Tracking Piping Plover Movements” from The Goldenrod Foundation, a conservation nonprofit in Massachusetts. 2/2013.
    • Eric Bauer (MS student) was awarded an ESF Graduate Student Travel Grant ($300) to participate in the ASP Conference, being held June 2013, in Quebec, Canada. 2/2013.
    • Andrew Brainard (PhD student) was awarded an ESF Graduate Student Travel Grant ($400) to participate in the ESA Conference, being held August 2013, in Minneapolis, MN. 2/2013.
    • Elaina Burns (MS student) received an ESF Graduate Student Travel Grant ($250) to participate in the NFW Conference, being held April 2013, in Saratoga Springs, NY. 2/2013.
    • Anna Calderon (MS student) received an ESF Graduate Student Travel Grant ($400) to participate in the EOAW Workshop, being held April 2013, in Front Royal, VA. 2/2013.
    • Derek Crane (PhD student) received an ESF Graduate Student Travel Grant ($400) to participate in the AFS Conference, being held September 2013, in Little Rock, AR. 2/2013.
    • Maureen Durkin (MS student) was awarded an ESF Graduate Student Travel Grant ($500) to participate in the WS Conference, being held September 2013, in Wilhelmshaven, Germany. 2/2013.
    • Will Helenbrook (PhD student) was awarded an ESF Graduate Student Travel Grant ($300) to participate in the ASP Conference, being held in June in Quebec, Canada. 2/2013.
    • Emily Ogburn (MS student) received an ESF Graduate Student Travel Grant ($300) to participate in the ASP Conference, being held in June in Quebec, Canada. 2/2013.
    • Silvia Saldivar (MS student) was awarded an ESF Graduate Student Travel Grant ($500) to participate in the DPM-BCP Conference, being held in August in Asuncion, Paraguay. 2/2013.
    • Chris Foelker (PhD student) received a Fall 2013 GSA Travel Grant award. 2/2013.
    • Shannon Buckley (MS student) received a Fall 2013 GSA Travel Grant award. 2/2013.
    • Juan Carlos Alvarez (Ph.D. student) received an all expense paid invititation to a three day workshop entitled "Next Generation of Sonoran Desert Research" to be held at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson this April 18-20. The purpose of the workshop is to develop collaborativ relatioships among scientists, especially young investigators, working in the Sonora region. 2/2012.
    • Geof Eckerlin (Ph.D. student) and Christina Killouhy (MS student) recieved recognition at the annual NYS American Fisheries Society Meeting in Lake Placid last week. Geof was invited to speak and sat on a panal American bass experts and sat on a panal with three top North American bass experts. Christina won the Best Student Paper Award for her presentation "Does nest site selection and habitat affinity mediate egg predation risk for sympatric sunfishes?". 2/2012.
    • Kevin Kapuscinski (post-doc) and Derek Crane (Ph.D student) were awarded a grant for $519,246 to study fish habitat restoration in the Buffalo Harbor and Niagara River. Funding is from the Habitat Enhancement and Restoration Fund associated with the Niagra Power Project relicensing. 2/2012.
    • Patrick Raney (Ph.D. student) received one of the professional inhancement awards ($700) supported by NASA and Michagan State University to assist him in attending the Annual Symposium of the US Regional Association of the International Association for Landscape Ecology in Newport, Rhode Island from April 8-12, 2012. Patrick will present "Deployment Considerations for Micrologger Networks in Regions of High Topographic Complexity: Insights from Northeastern and Southern Appalachian Mountains" (J. Fridley and D. Leoplod, co-authors). 2/2012.
    • Anna Stewart (PhD student) was awarded an Alumni Association Memorial Scholarship ($1000 award) based on her outstanding achievements, commitment to extracurricular activities, and outstanding character.
  • Marvin Montefrio (PhD student) was awarded an Alumni Association Memorial Scholarship ($1000 award) based on his outstanding achievements, commitment to extracurricular activities, and outstanding character.
  • Jacob Gillette (PhD student) was awarded a National Science Foundation Doctoral Improvement Grant for $15,000 to help him finish his dissertation research. Congratulations to Jake for earning this significant recognition. 3/2011.

  • Sara Hansen (MS student) was awarded the "Outstanding Graduate Student" award by the New York chapter of The Wildlife Society at their annual meeting. Sara's research focuses on producing a statewide population estimate for coyotes in New York State using a combination of vocalization surveys and distance sampling. 3/2011.

  • Joie Matillano (MS student) received a grant from the Rufford Small Grants Foundation to support his studies on freshwater fishes of Palawan in the Phillipines. He will receive $9,486 to help wrap up his thesis research, Biodiversity of Cyprinid Fishes of Northern Palawan. 1/2011.

  • Chengjun Zhu (PhD student) tied for second place in the recent Eastman Chemical Company award competition. Chengjun received an award of $750. 11/2010.

  • Anna Stewart (PhD student) was selected as one of the International Center of Syracuse’s CNY International Citizen Award Honorees of 2010. Anna is being recognized with the International Student Leadership Award for her outstanding leadership as an exemplary citizen diplomat. 11/2010.

  • Joie Matillano (MS student) received an award at the Student Conference on Conservation Science held at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City for being among the best talks. His talk was entitled "Conservation Status of Cyprinids from Palawan Philippines”. Given that acceptance into the meeting was quite competitive and that the meeting involved a large and talented pool of graduate students, recent post-doctoral fellows, as well as early-career professionals, that our M.S. students received these honors is quite significant. 11/2010.
  • Meredith Atwood (MS student) received an award at the Student Conference on Conservation Science held at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City for being among the best posters for her poster: “Bottom-Up Influences on Vernal Pools and Anuran Development.” Given that acceptance into the meeting was quite competitive and that the meeting involved a large and talented pool of graduate students, recent post-doctoral fellows, as well as early-career professionals, that our M.S. students received these honors is quite significant. 11/2010.
  • Jonathan Cale (MS student) was awarded 3rd place at the recent annual Society of American Foresters Student Poster Contest in Albuquerque, NM. Congratulations to Jonathan and his co-authors. The poster title was: “Beech thickets impact northern hardwood forest biodiversity.” Jon's poster will be printed in the Journal of Forestry. 11/2010.
  • Caitlin Snyder (MS student) was awarded a 2010 Walker Fellowship from SUNY Potsdam's Center for Lifelong Education and Recreation for her proposal "Nonnative earthworm impacts on woodland salamanders and their native prey: Implications for Adirondack forest health". The award enables Cait to acquire a specialized digital microscope and equipment to compare the invertebrates eaten by salamanders using a non-harmful diet sampling technique called lavage. 10/2010
  • Caitlin Snyder (MS student) received a Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Grant from the American Museum of Natural History (a fitting connection to ESF). Cait will use the grant to study the influence of a calcium gradient on the diet, habitat, and abundance of woodland salamanders. 10/2010
  • Kevin Jablonski (MS student) published a paper in the December 2010 issue of The Wilson Journal of Ornithology titled "A Digital Spot-mapping Method for Avian Field Studies." Kevin completed the manuscript during his graduate program studying Adirondack boreal bird and habitat associations with coauthors Stacy McNulty of EFB and Matthew Schlesinger of the New York Natural Heritage Program. 09/2010
  • Daniel Gurdak (Ph.D. student) has been awarded a National Geographic Society Young Explorers grant for $5,000 to support a portion of his dissertation research "Nesting habit of Arapaima in the Amazonian floodplains of the Santarem region of Brazil." 09/2010.
  • Jason Townsend (Ph.D. student) won best student oral presentation at the Association of Field Ornithologists Annual Meeting. The title of his presentation was "Catharus thrushes as bioindicators of mercury hotpots: from the Catskills to the Caribbean." 08/2010.
  • Lauren Goldmann (PhD student) was the presentor of one of the 18 winning posters (out of 1142) at the International Mycological Congress in Edinburgh, Scotland. The poster was entitled "Position specificity of Laboulbeniales: a molecular approach to resolution of a century old debate." 08/2010.
  • Yazmin Rivera (Ph.D. student) was recently awarded a tuition scholarship and stipend to attend a workshop on population genetics at the University of Washington. The workshop will give her additional tools to conduct her research on the population genetics of fungi.
  • Meredith Atwood (MS student) recently received two awards: a research grant ($1,000) from the Society of Wetland Scientists for her work, "Evaluating the influence of leaf litter and soil type on vernal pool trophic systems and larval wood frog (Lithobates sylvaticus) development" and a scholarship ($750) from the Central New York Air and Waste Management Association, based on demonstrated commitment to the environment, involvement, and academics.
  • Jason Townsend (Ph.D. student) was selected to receive the Lynds Jones Award for best poster presentation at the Wilson Ornithological Society’s recent annual meeting. Jason’s presentation was titled: "Mercury bioaccumulation in Catharus thrushes along an elevational gradient."
  • Chengjun Zhu (MS graduate student) was recently awarded a travel grant by the American Society of Microbiology to attend the Society’s national meeting in San Diego, CA. The award was based on the quality and caliber of a submitted abstract.
  • Katie Haase (Brian Underwood, MP) has been awarded a "newcomers" travel grant to the North American Moose conference in Int'l Falls, Minnesota in June. Katie will be presenting her thesis work and will have a paper (with Brian) published in Alces, the journal for the society. The manuscript was part of the application process, so with some tweaking, she'll have her first paper published before she receives a copy of her bound thesis, a rare accomplishment for a MS student in our program.
  • Brooke Reeve (Ph.D. student) was recently notified that her proposal to Sigmi Xi's Grants-in-Aid of Research program has been funded to support her graduate research. Only about 20% of proposals submitted were funded.
  • Anna Stewart (Ph.D. student) was recently notified that her proposal to Sigmi Xi's Grants-in-Aid of Research program has been funded to support her graduate research. Only about 20% of proposals submitted were funded.
  • Anna Stewart (Ph.D. student) has just received a Fulbright llE Fellowship for this coming academic year. This fellowship will provide Anna with full funding for 10 months of work in Ecuador. Congratulations to Anna for receiving this national recognition.
  • Juan Carlos Alvarez Yepiz (Ph.D. student) awarded PLACA (Program on Latin America and the Caribbean) Summer Research Grants. Juan Carlos will use this grant to include stable isotope techniques in his dissertation research on ecology and conservation of a rare cycad species, Dioon sonorense, in Mexico.
  • Anna Stewart (Ph.D. student) was awarded PLACA (Program on Latin America and the Caribbean) Summer Reseasrch Grants. Funding to Anna will assist her dissertation research in Ecuador.
  • Patrick Raney (Ph.D. student) has been awarded a $5,000 grant from the National Geographic Society's Young Explorers program in support of his dissertation research "Climatic buffering in temperate zone fens, implications for climate change."
  • Patrick Eager (M.S. student) has been awarded second place in the Phylogenetics I Division (Student Competition for the President's Prize) at the annual Entomological Society of America meeting held in November 2009 in Indianapolis for his oral presentation "Investigating the Sirex noctilio parasitoid complex in New York State."
  • Kathleen Pitcher (M.S. student) won the best poster award at this year’s Mycological Society of America annual meeting (2009) in Snowbird, Utah, for her work on the population structure of the ectomycorrhizal fungus Suillus spraguei.
  • Jake Wickham (Ph.D. student) has been awarded a NSF International Research Fellowship in the amount of $200,000 to support his continued research in China. The award is for two years, effective January 1, 2010.
  • Anna Stewart (Ph.D. student) has received one of the two American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) Emerging Public Policy Leader Awards. Anna was chosen for her past accomplishments, dissertation and professional goals, and promise for continued leadership at the interface of science and public policy.
  • More Graduate Awards & News

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Recent EFB Thesis Defenses and Capstone Seminars

  • Michael Jones, (Ph.D., Major Professor Dr. Melissa Fierke).  Dispersal, Phenology, and Cold Hardiness of Emerald Ash Borer and its Introduced Parasitoids.  8/3/18.
  • Tian Xu, (Ph.D., Major Professor Dr. Stephen A. Teale).  Female Produced Volatile Pheromonies of the Asian Longhorn Beetle,  Anoplophora glabripennis  (Motschulsky).  7/27/18.
  • Wenjun Cai, (Ph.D., Major Professor Dr. Lee Newman).  Plant Interaction with Nanoparticles:  Uptake, Localization and Toxicity.  7/26/18.
  • Ceili Pestalozzi, (M.S., Major Professors Dr. Kimberly Schulz and Dr. Myron Mitchell).   Water Level Regulation Effects on Water Chemistry and Plankton in Coastal Wetlands of the Upper Saint Lawrence River, USA.  7/10/18.
  • Vernon Coffey, (M.S., Major Professor Dr. William Powell).  An Investigation into Propagation of American Chestnut.  6/12/18.
  • Mikhail Paltsyn, (Ph.D., Major Professor Dr. James Gibbs).  Integration of Remote Sensing, Modeling, and Field Approaches for Rangeland Management and Endangered Species Conservation in Central Asia.  5/17/18.
  • Jessica Fletcher, (M.S., Major Professor Dr. Shannon Farrell).  Habitat Use and Species Assemblage of Bats in a Northeastern Coastal Plain Ecosystem.  5/9/18.
  • Catherine Landis, (Ph.D., Major Professors Dr. Robin Kimmerer and Dr. Don Leopold).  Heart of the Country:  Historical Ecology of Onondaga Lake.  5/3/18.
  • Erica McPhail, (M.S., Major Professor Dr. Melissa Fierke).  Pollinators and Powerline Rights-of-Way ~ Influences of vegetation management strategies on pollinator assemblages of powerline rights-of-way.  5/3/18.
  • Colin Mettey, (M.S., Major Professor Dr. Gregory G. McGee).  American Beech (Fagus grandifolia Ehrh.) Response to Mechanical Understory Removal.  5/2/18.
  • Justin Droke, (M.S., Major Professors Dr. Jonathan Cohen and Dr. Michael Schummer). Comparison of Spring Migration Ecology of American Black Ducks and Mallards Wintering in the Montezuma Wetlands Complex.  4/27/18.
  • Daniel J. Gurdak, (Ph.D., Major Professor Dr. Donald Stewart).  Assessing Arapaima Conservation and Management Through Actionable Research.  4/20/18.
  • Tomasz B. Falkowski, (Ph.D., Major Professor Dr. Stewart A.W. Diemont).  Assessing the Socioecological Restoration Potential of Successional Lacandon Maya Agroforestry of Chiapas, Mexico.  4/19/18.
  • Adam Bleau, (M.S., Major Professors Dr. Jonathan Cohen and Dr. Michael Schummer).  Behavior and Habitat Selection of Mallards and American Black Ducks Wintering in the Finger Lakes.  4/11/18.
  • Chellby Kilheffer, (Ph.D., Major Professor Dr. H. Brian Underwood).  Plant Community Development in Storm-Induced Overwash Fans of The Otis Pike Fire Island High Dune Wilderness Area, New York.  4/10/18.
  • Jade Johnson, (M.S., Major Professors Elizabeth Folta and Melissa Fierke).  High School Wildlife Education Through A First Job Experience.  4/6/18.
  • Marissa Nolan, (M.S., Major Professors Beth Folta and Greg McGee).  Do Camps Teach Kids Science?  Investigating Impacts on the Environmental Literacy of Secondary School Students Attending a Summer Science Program.  4/2/18.
  • Samantha Mello, (M.S., Major Professors Jonathan Cohen and Chris Whipps).  Parasites of the New England Cottontail of a Non-Native Host and Invasive Vegetation.  3/27/18.
  • Andrew Brainard, (Ph.D., Major Professor Kim Schulz).  Effects of Propagule Pressure, Environmental Factors, and Climate Change on Success and Impacts of Benthic Aquatic Invasions.  2/9/18.
  • Chee Pheng Low (M.S., Major Professor Jacqueline Frair). Influence of coyotes (Canis latrans) on meso-predator occurrence, resource selection, and activity patterns in human-dominated landscapes, Fort Drum, NY. 11/28/17.
  • Robert Smith (M.S., Major Professor Donald Leopold). "Plant Species Richness and Diversity of Northern White Cedar Swamps in Northern New York: Effects and Interactions of Multiple Variables". 11/28/17.
  • Michael Serviss (M.S., Major Professor Danilo Fernando). Experimental Reintroduction of American Hart's-Tongue Fern (Asplenium scolopendrium var. americanum): Factors Affecting Successful Establishment of Transplants. 11/17/17.
  • Ericka Augustyn (M.S., Major Professor John M. Farrell). Larval Northern Pike (Esox lucius) Ecology in Natural and Restored Coastal Wetlands of the Upper St. Lawrence River. 11/14/17.
  • Carolyn T. Chang (Ph.D., Major Professor Christopher Whipps). Controlling infectious disease in laboratory zebrafish. 11/9/17.
  • Caitlin Slife (M.S., Major Professor Gordon Paterson). Bioaccumulation and Biomagnification of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) by Mysis Diluviana in New York State Finger Lakes. 8/25/17.
  • Amanda E. Cheeseman (Ph.D., Major Professor Jonathan Cohen). Factors limiting recovery of the New England Cottontail in New York. 8/22/17.
  • Elizabeth Stieber (M.S., Major Professor Neil Ringler). Development and Evaluation of an Index of Biotic Integrity Using Macroinvertebrates for New York lakes. 8/22/17.
  • Michelle A. Peach (Ph.D., Major Professors Jacqueline L. Frair and Jonathan B. Cohen). Evaluating the role of protected areas in mitigating avian responses to climate and land use change. 7/18/17.
  • Gabrielle Fanfan (M.S., Major Professor Lee Newman). Growth and Molecular Responses of Solanum lycopersicum (Tomato) to Enterobacter sp. 638. 6/12/17.
  • Jessica Fletcher (M.S., Major Professor Shannon Farrell). Habitat Use and Species Assemblage of Bats in a Northeastern Coastal Plain Ecosystem. 5/10/17.
  • Samantha Dean (M.S., Major Professor James Gibbs). Distribution, Abundance, and Habitat Associations of Amphibians and Reptiles within an Urban Protected Area: The Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site. 5/9/17.
  • Wendy Leuenberger (M.S., Major Professor Dylan Parry). Response of Larval Lepidoptera and their Avian Predators to Experimental Ice Storms in a Northeastern Forest. 4/28/17.
  • Thomas M. Evans (Ph.D., Major Professor Karin E. Limburg). Evaluation of Lamprey Populations with Natural and Artificial Tags to Understand Evolution of Lamprey Life Histories. 4/27/17.
  • Erik Hazelton (M.S., Major Professor Neil Ringler). Discovering the Source and Characteristics of an Unmanaged Population of Walleye (Sander vitreus) in a recovering urban lake. 4/25/17.
  • Kim Adams (Ph.D., Major Professor Douglas Allen). The Bionomics of a Monophagous, Native Woodborer, Glycobius Speciosus (Say) (Coleoptera:Cerambycidae). 4/18/17.
  • Dana Brennan (M.S., Major Professor Melissa Fierke). Effects of sugar resources on longevity of two emerald ash borer (Agrilus planipennis) parasitoids. 4/17/17.
  • Joshua Weber-Townsend (M.S., Major Professor Danilo Fernando). Contributions of Genetic Data to the Conservation and Management of the Threatened American Hart's-Tongue Fern (Asplenium scolopenrium var. americanum). 4/13/17.
  • Avalon Bunge (M.S., Major Professor Stewart Diemont). Urban Foraging for Food Sovereignty - Quantifying Edible Forest Yield in Syracuse, New York Using Five Common Street Tree Species. 4/11/17.
  • Nick Piedmonte (M.S., Major Professors Melissa Fierke and Stephen Shaw). Blacklegged ticks, Ixodes scapularis Say, in Central New York: Density, Distribution, and Prevalence of Human Pathogens. 4/10/17.
  • Emily Gavard (M.P.S., Major Professors Sadie J. Ryan and Christopher M. Whipps). Gastrointestinal Parasite of the New England Cottontail (Sylvilagus Transitionalis) and Eastern Cottontail (Sylvilagus Floridanus) in the Hudson Valley, New York. 4/3/17.
  • Aaron Brown (M.S., Major Professor Dylan Parry). Evaluating Unintended Effects of Genetically Engineered Blight-Resistant American Chestnut on Entomopathogens and Paraitoids of an Ecologically Important Insect Herbivore. 3/31/17.
  • Amanda Pachomski (M.S., Major Professor Stacy McNulty). Foraging habitat use and detectability of breeding Rusty Blackbirds in Maine and New Hampshire. 2/13/17.
  • Michael S. Fishman (M.S., Major Professor James Gibbs). Roost and Foraging Habitat for Indiana Bats (Myotis sodalis) in the Southeastern Ontario Lake Plain of New York State. 2/3/17.
  • Liza Iegorova (M.Sc., Major Professor James Gibbs). Interacting effects of socio-political and environmental factors on rangeland dynamics in the Altai Mountains in Central Asia. 1/12/17.
  • John J. Wiley, Jr. (M.P.S., Major Professors Colin M. Beier and Greg G. McGee). The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: The New York Field Office and SUNY- ESF. 12/20/16.
  • Jacqueline McCabe Howard (M.S., Major Professor Beth Folta). NYS Parks and Augmented Reality: Exploring the Relationship between Visitor Learning and Sense of Stewardship through Augmented Reality Games at Clark Reservation State Park and Green Lakes State Park. 12/15/16.
  • Matthew Regan (M.S., Major Professor Don Leopold). Plant Community Response in Coastal Wetlands of the Upper St. Lawrence River. 12/7/16.
  • Sahila Kudalkar (M.S., Major Professor James Gibbs). Microhabitat Relationships of Two Murid Rodents Rattus andamanensis and Niviventer fulvescens,in Protected Forests of Northeastern India. 12/2/16.
  • Cassandra Elliott (M.P.S., Major Professors Christopher Whipps (ESF) and Wenyi Feng (UMU)). Understanding genome instability: determining the functionality of a theoretical R-loop forming sequence in yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) chromosome 7. 12/1/16.
  • Tess E. Youker-Smith (M.S., Major Professors Sadie Ryan and James Gibbs). Epidemics of an Amphibian Ranavirus in Two Species of Vernal Pool-Breeding Anurans: Disease Surveillance and Environmental Drivers of Prevalence. 11/30/16.
  • Maureen M. Durkin (M.S., Major Professor Dr. Jonathan Cohen). Impacts of Anthropogenic Disturbance on Breeding Snowy Plovers (Charadrius nivosus) in the Florida Panhandle. 11/30/16.
  • Melissa Althouse (M.S., Major Professor Dr. Jonathan Cohen). Behavioral and Demographic Effects of Anthropogenic Disturbance to Staging Roseate Terns (Sterna dougallii) in the Cape Cod National Seashore. 11/28/16.
  • Cody Gilbertson (M.S., Major Professor Dr. Rebecca Rundell). Captive breeding of the endangered Chittenango ovate amber snail Novisuccinea chittenangoensis (Succineidae: Pulmonata: Mollusca) for population augmentation in New York State. 11/28/16.
  • Giuseppe Tumminello (M.S., Major Professors Dr. Melissa Fierke and Dr. Tim Volk). Pollinators in Willow Biomass: Characterization and Composition. 11/22/16.
  • Charles Robinson (M.S., Major Professor, Stacy McNulty). Relationship of Recreation to the Distribution and Prevalence of the Fungal Pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis: a recreationist, amphibian and fungus walk into a bar. 11/17/16.
  • Jane Raffaldi (MPS, Major Professor Dr. Melissa Fierke). Co-Occurring Invasives and Landowner Awareness of Invasive Giant Hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum). 11/15/16.
  • Neil Schoppmann (MS., Major Professor Dr. Dylan Parry). Historic and contemporary distributions of pine barrens specialist lepidoptera in Northeastern North America. 11/14/16.
  • Sara Smith (M.S., Major Professor Dr. Robin Kimmerer). Looking through two lenses: An ecological study on ectomycorrhizal succession in White Pine stands on the Menominee Reservation and an ethnomycological study on the traditional knowledge of the Menominee Nation. 10/21/16.
  • Alison Kocek (M.S., Major Professor Dr. Jonathan Cohen). Factors Impacting Tidal Marsh Sparrow Nesting Presence and Nest Survival in an Urban Environment of New York City. 9/28/16.
  • Jerome C. Barner (M.S., Major Professor Dr. Tom Horton). Ectomycorrhizal Fungi Contribution to Nutrient Cycling of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Calcium in Northern Hardwood Forests. 8/1/16.
  • Jay Wason (Ph.D., Major Professor Martin Dovciak). Environmental controls on forest tree species growth and distributions along elevation gradients in the northeastern United States. 5/13/16.
  • Trinity Boisvert (M.P.S., Major Professor Robin Kimmerer). "You Don't Know What I Did Last Summer" - A recounting of my field assistant internship at the New York Natural Heritage Program. 5/4/16.
  • Christopher Powers (M.S., Major Professors Neil Ringer and Dr. Margaret Murphy). Atlantic Salmon Restoration in CNY - A bioenergetic assessment of climate change implications and analysis of juvenile foraging patterns. 4/28/16.
  • Alison Halpern (Ph.D., Major Professors Donald J. Leopold and John M. Farrell). Hydrocharis morsus-ranae L.in the upper St. Lawrence River in New York: Its success within wetlands and management options. 4/20/16.
  • Andrew Tomes (M.S., Major Professors Robin Kimmerer and Thomas Horton). Managing plant communities after anthropogenic perturbations - Applications of plant-fungal interactions and plant responses to climate change. 4/15/16..
  • Grete Bader (M.S., Major Professor Donald J. Leopold). Habitat conditions and mycorrhizal fungi associated with extraordinary populations of native orchid species and Pyrola asarifolia (Ericaceae) on a mine tailings wetland in northern New York. 4/11/16.
  • Brianna Rosamilia (M.S., Major Professor Elizabeth Folta). Perceptions of Bioblitz Organizers and Participants on Event-Related Goals, Interactions, and Motivations: A Way to Understand How a Bioblitz Contributes to Environmental Education. 4/11/2016.
  • Justin A. DiRado (M.S., Major Professor Neil H. Ringler). An Ecological Approach to Atlantic Salmon Restoration in Central New York. 3/28/16.
  • Morgan Smith (M.S., Major Professor Elizabeth Folta). Determining the Audience at Beaver Lake Nature Center: Who is attending the center and how are they using it? 3/23/16.
  • Sarah Mount (M.S., Major Professor: Karin Limburg). Searching for Silver: an examination of the physical and environmental characteristics of maturing American eels. 3/4/16.
  • Emma Miniscalco (M.P.S., Major Professors Elizabeth Folta and Robin Kimmerer). Please Touch: Three projects for sensory-based learning at the U.S. National Arboretum. 12/15/15
  • Allison Oakes (Ph.D., Major Professors William Powell and Charles Maynard). "An Investigation of Micropropagation Techniques for American Chestnut". 12/14/15
  • Stephanie Nick (M.P.S., Major Professors Melissa Fierke and Elizabeth Folta). Outreach and Education through interpretive signage. 12/2/15.
  • Andrew J. Miano (M.S., Major Professor John M. Farrell). Invasive Round Goby Diet Patterns and Egg Predation on Broadcast Spawning Fishes in Upper St. Lawrence River Coastal Habitats. 11/19/2015
  • Katrina Alger (M.S., Major Professor Chris Whipps). Lymphoproliferative disease virus (LPDV) in wild turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo) in New York State: Diagnostic methods, prevalence, and spatial distribution of a newly discovered pathogen. 11/19/2015
  • Anne L. Burnham (M.S., Major Professor Neil H. Ringler). The development and application of a fish-based index of biotic integrity (IBI) for New York State. 11/9/2015
  • Christopher J. Foelker (Ph.D., Major Professor Melissa Fierke). Biotic resistance to Sirex noctilio across multiple spatial scales. 10/23/15
  • Zachary M. Smith (M.S., Major Professor Neil H. Ringler). A Temporal and Comparative Analysis of the Benthic Macroinvertebrate Fauna in a Recovering Perturbed Ecosystem. (Onondaga Lake, NY) 8/10/15
  • Funmi Afelumo (M.S., Major Professor Lee Newman). The effects of herbicide safeners on nickel toxicity in corn. 7/10/15.
  • Lauren Goldmann (Ph.D., Major Professor Alex Weir). Molecular studies of position specificity in the Laboulbeniales and the systematics of the Laboulbeniomycetes. 6/3/2015.
  • Laura Brown (M.P.S. Major Professor Don Leopold). Promoting Conservation in Rural Jamaica: A Peace Corps Volunteer Experience. 5/29/15
  • Lindsay Denhoff (M.S., Major Professors William Shields and Barbara Hager). Microhabitat occupancy, distribution, and selection by Cordulegaster diastatops (Odonata: Cordulegastridae) in seeps and springs of Madison County, New York. 5/5/15
  • Miguel Garmendia Z (M.S., Major Professor Gregory McGee). The influence of environmental variation on the epiphytic bryophyte communities of sugar maple (Acer saccharum Marsh.) in Northern and Central New York. 5/1/15
  • Becky Fuda (M.S., Major Professors Jacqueline Frair and Sadie Ryan). A Park Under Pressure: The Impacts of Human Disturbance in Murchison Falls Conservation Area, Uganda). 5/1/15
  • Angga Rachmansah (M.S., Major Professor James Gibbs). Life history traits, latitude and sustainable harvesting in freshwater turtles. 4/27/15
  • Samouel Beguin (M.S., Major Professor Stacy McNulty). Adirondack boreal wetland soundscapes: Birds, land use, roads and noise. 4/24/15
  • Matthew Gunderson (M.S., Major Professors John Farrell and Kevin Kapuscinski). Habitat-assemblage relations and seasonality of aquatic macrophytes in the Upper Niagara River. 4/20/15
  • Jennifer Potrikus (M.S., Major Professor Danilo Fernando). Ecological and Genetic Assessment to Gain Insight on the Invasive Potential of Actinidia arguta (Hardy kiwi) in the Northeast United States. 4/17/15
  • Stewart LaPan (M.S., Major Professors James Gibbs and John Farrell). Bird, Reptile and Amphibian Response to Habitat Enhancement Techniques in St. Lawrence River Coastal Wetlands. 4/8/15
  • Molly Hassett (M.S., Major Professor Gregory McGee). Habitat characteristics and sugar resources New York State emerald ash borer parasitoid release sites. 4/8/15
  • Danielle Hurley (M.S., Major Professor Neil Ringler). Differences in Largemouth Bass population characteristics due to varying habitat quality and degradation in Onondaga Lake, NY. 3/3/15