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Environmental Health and Safety Services
Automated External Defibrillator

Locations by ESF Building

Baker Laboratory

  • Third Floor—near vending machines
  • Shop Wing—outside Room 145

Bray Hall

  • University Police Office
  • Third Floor—At Top of Center Stairwell

Cranberry Lake Biological Station

  • Boat House
  • Headquarters Office
  • Mess Hall


  • Ground Level - Outside Restrooms
  • Upper Level - North Stairwell
  • Upper Level - South Stairwell

Illick Hall

  • Basement Level—Near Dome Side Entrance
  • First Floor—Near Passenger Elevator
  • Third Floor—At Top of Center Stairwell

Jahn Laboratory

  • First Floor Corridor—Across From passenger Elevator
  • Third Floor—Next to Passenger Elevator

Lafayette Rd

  • Inside Greenhouse building

Marshall Hall

  • Basement Level—Outside Alumni Lounge
  • First Floor—Across from Elevator
  • Third Floor—At Top of Center Stairwell

Moon Library

  • Main Floor—Near Circulation Desk

Newcomb Campus (AEC, AIC, NFI)

  • AEC Building Main Floor
  • AIC, main floor
  • Multifunction Building—Dining Area
  • Stone Garage—Maintenance Area

Old Greenhouse Building

  • Main Corridor

Old Maintenance Building

  • Upper Level

Physical Plant Building

  • Top of Stairwell Outside Offices

Ranger School

  • Cafeteria—At Main Entrance
  • Instrument Room
  • Main Floor Center Stairwell

Walters Hall

  • Second Floor—Near Elevator
  • Environmental Lab